Oct 2, 2016

100th blog post- Let’s keep it short and sweet!

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It may seem like we have whipped out more content but this is the 100th post on the blog! We started from the bottom, with a passion for Dubai, travelling, and just wanting to share random experiences, but the blog has come much further! From hotel reviews to conferences, meeting people in the industry and travelling for the purposes of blogging.. From travel posts to picture posts and monthly updates, Dxb Blog has certainly brought tears, joy and hard work out! So I wanted to make this post about the journey, how we got to where we are, in a nutshell, sparing you from all the little details and nitty gritty moments.


One of my favourite Quotes

  • Dedication: At the the start I didn’t really have any commitment towards the blog, I just enjoyed sharing my new experiences about Dubai and interacting with like minded people through this, but overtime we received offers from hotels, started to contact hotels and service providers, when the blog became a point of interaction, I think thats when things got serious. I became more dedicated and valued posts appearance, originality, tone and the way I presented them!
  • Fresh Ideas: It is always hard to find or create a fresh idea, with millions of users using the internet and posting content on it every hour, it is sometimes hard to think of or find something original to write about… So I decided it wasn’t the topic that needs to be original, it’s the way it is written and displayed to readers. Every blogger has a different style, that’s what makes us all different.
  • Passion: As with dedication, passion is just as important, if you don’t enjoy researching or travelling for the purpose of blogging or sharing your experience later, your posts won’t reflect any personality. You need to be analytical when writing or reviewing, people know the world isn’t all fairy dust and glitter, one must also have a drive, and that will come from your genuine passion!
  • Communication: Communication is something that I have learnt is a key to success in blogging in many way. In the sense that you need to communicate with more than industry people, broaden your horizons and look at whats happening in other niches and offline. It is just as important to keep updated about your own industry but the travel world is literally the world!
  • Gain that authority: With our name incorporating “DXB” we maybe had a little authority from the start, but the top dogs like Trip Adviser, Lonley planet, booking.com and other always had a one up, so we had to work at making our own base of authority. By this I mean what made us stand out, and as a lot of travel blogs do, we offered first hand experience, all our posts are written first hand by the people who do the travel and such! However a lot of travel bloggers jump into the industry un aware of the benefits of digital marketing and online advertising, or they take time to understand these concepts. We were lucky that our umbrella company is a digital marketing consultancy in the UAE, we knew the tricks and tips for targeted ads, SEO,  and things like Social media marketing, that advantage was our authority and helped us gain the huge traffic and following base we have today.


I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, it has been a great journey and the future looks prosperous, thank you for all your support, there’s no blog without a follower base and its readers! We hope we can continue to inspire, inform, and entertain you all 🙂


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