Oct 5, 2016

6 Dubai Restaurants you need to try!

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I enjoy writing all my posts, but I am a HUGE foodie and I love to share my food experiences, so today I want to share a few of my favourite places I think you guys NEED to try! There’s some places I will only go for one particular dish and then there’s places I would eat the whole menu if I could.. I have done a Must try foods in Dubai post before, but I promise.. These are all different!

1.Cinnabon, Cinnabon, Cinnabon!

Cinnabon Classics

Some Cinnabon Classics

Cinnabon is an international brand and If I could live off any desert, it would be this! I would devour their whole menu in a matter of hours IF I COULD. However, that would not be healthy, and I do not recommend you try it! From pecan buns to chocolate buns and milkshakes and mini and full size, they even do great cinnamon sticks! In some malls like Midriff, you can watch the masters at work, as they roll the dough, spread the magic cinnamon, chocolate, icing and roll it perfectly to a plump little roll, or bun! I have been known to stand and watch them being made for so long, I just had to be dragged away!

2. Gazebo @ Midriff City centre



This is an indian restaurant in Dubai, I’m not sure if they are anywhere else in the world.. But they are spotted all over the UAE. This is one of those that I will only have a select few dishes. Firstly, Palak Paneer (Spinach and  Indian cheese), This dish with steamed rice is my ULTIMATE favourite and I have travelled back to the UK and around, but never found a Palak Paneer quite like the one @ the Midriff Gazebo. The branch in Midriff also has the BEST service, you are always greeted with a smile, and guaranteed polite and friendly service! Another dish that I would recommend is the Hyderabadi biriyani, with its luscious soft chapati cover, and flavoursome, aromatic rice inside, the whole experience is a treat! Foodie or not, if you like indian food.. I am sure you will find something you enjoy, Gazebo was a fortnightly take out or dine-in for me and some friends a few years ago!

3. Chillies! A taste of The south!

Quite a few people I have spoken to associate chillies with the “Youth” and “Younger Adults” of Dubai, but I honestly think it is perfect for anyone, I don’t want to make this article all about desert but I have to start with telling you about their chocolate molten cake… It is any chocolate lover dream on a plate. Cracking into the cake by tapping the hard chocolate, allowing the cake to OOOZEEE with warm chocolate, out of a soft chocolate sponge into your vanilla ice-cream, is the best feeling for your taste buds, eyes, and your sense of smell! Now thats out the way, if you haven’t already left to have the cake, let me tell you about their mains. Chillies is a south-western inspired american diner, cafe? They have some lush Sizzling Fajitas and their Nachos are a big hit with many! They also serve a range of pastas, burgers, salads, soups, steaks.. And much more! I would also recommend the Cajun pasta with shrimp, and they also have a nice selection of mocktails!

4. Anatolia @ Mirdiff city centre

Yes I spent A lot of time at midriff city centre, it was convenient and always had good vibes, so a few of these maybe there! This ones a turkish restaurant, although it looks fairly simple fro the outside, the food is fabulous! I have only been here a few times, but I was never disappointed! The waiting staff were very friendly, polite and welcoming and the food was a pleaser all round! I would recommend the Dolma as a starter, luscious stuffed bell peppers! The stuffed vine leaves; Yaprak Sarma and the Tavuk Kanat, a wonderful concoction of spices! The restaurant has a peaceful ambience that can get quite romantic on an evening.

5. Reem Al Bawadi @ The marina 

If you are a local and you don’t know, or have never heard of this place.. Please go back to your shell. This is a local favourite and must must visit! Located opposite the spinners on the marina walk, it is a beautiful location looking out onto the marina. The food is Lebanese, and if you know a thing or two about me, you will know its one of my favourite cuisines. Fro the tabouli to the 10dhs shawarma. Anyway, back to Reem Al Bawadi! This fantastic restaurant has Breakfasts, Soups, Salads, Fresh juice, Seafood, Meat and so much more! They have meal deals for 2-4 and family deals too, there’s something for everyone who loves a taste of the middl east here! A few personal favourites here are the Shish Tawook,  Kenafa (Desert), and Labneh with fresh mint! Definitely a go to place for a foodie!

6. Last but not least; IKEA! 

This isn’t what you expect to see in a restaurant post I know but when they have a full breakfast at 10-15AED, you can’t go wrong with this place. As a muslim, the halal food all over Dubai is a dream, but I am a breakfast fan and when the going gets tough, this breakfast is always there to cheer me up. However, please note, it does get EXTREMELY busy on weekends, I mean.. People Queue outside for IKEa breakfast! It is located @ the iconic Dubai festival city mall. The price of food all days is reasonable, I had the salmon for lunch and was just as pleased as the breakfast, plus you can have a wander round, and who doesn’t love a good look around IKEA?

Been to nay of these recently? Got any other places people NEED to try? Let us know by  #MyDxbBlogFood or #DxbBlogFoodie


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