Sep 25, 2016

How to choose the perfect hotel for you- Dxb Blog Tips!

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So you’re thinking of booking a holiday, your hotel is one of the first things you will look at right? You may be a regular, or you may be spontaneous, or you might want to try something the same as usual, but a different location or chain? There is so much in the way of preference, location, and price that we sometimes unconsciously just book the first thing we see. But if you’re not a instant booker to any of the above, do you go through a process? Do you consider certain things? Well these are our successful six  tips to find the perfect hotel for you! Choosing your perfect hotel shouldn’t be as simple as an hours work!

1.Reviews- Read them, don’t just look at the good ones!!

One of the Top 10 reviewvers and Dubai Destination Expert status on TripAdvisor

One of the Top 10 reviewvers and Dubai Destination Expert status on TripAdvisor

This definitely deserves number one spot! There are millions of sites, blogs and travel providers just like this one that will allow users to leave feedback on hotels they’re promoting or hotels they’ve stayed at, there are also equally as much bloggers who will go to hotels for the sole purpose of reviewing them! Here at Dxb Blog we love offering first-hand experience, so all our hotel reviews are written by the people that stay at them! It is important to read the reviews and not just look at the score a person has given, sites like trip advisor and will offer this option, but sometimes the score isn’t a true reflection of the pros and cons, so make sure you READ the review! You can check out some of our reviews here.

2. Location,Location, Location

This is another important aspect when looking for your hotel, where is the hotel? To make sure you have the right location, think about the purpose or reason for your holiday. Are you going for a beach holiday? A city break? Want to see the sights? Or do you just need a break away from you regular city life? It is always best to use the wonderful google maps and figure out which area of your destination you want to be, then look for hotels within that area! For example, if you want a Beach holiday in Dubai; JBR and Jumeirah Beach Road are great locations too look! A bit pricey but definitely suited to the perfect beach, coastline kind of holiday!

3. Price- Know your budget

Some may argue this is the most important, and others may shrug it off. Everybody has their own situations and price should be a factor everyone takes into mind. If you are going to be out seeing the sights of a country/city a lot, then I wouldn’t advise you to s a lot on a fancy hotel you will barely be at, go for something low key and comfortable. Most hotels in Dubai have pools and more than one restaurant as a standard, but obviously your chains like premier inn and possibly Ibis will follow their international reputation and be the down right basics. In the northern emirates like Ras Al Khaima for example, your hotel may not have a pool or beach, but you may have access to one as a guest. For example the Double Tree by Hilton in RAK gives all guests free access to the hilton resort and spa in RAK, a few minutes drive, a lovely coastal resort with several pools and a strip of beach! Going back to the point, if you want a quick weekend break with minimal travel, then maybe it is worth splashing on that perfect resort hotel, because you will spend most of your time IN the hotel! Also, shop around on different sites, you never know what deals are lurking around!

4. What’s around?

Burj Khalifa Arial View

Burj Khalifa Arial View

This is something else a lot of people miss, they find a cheap deal or the perfect hotel but don’t bother exploring what is actually around the hotel, your hotel could have 5* ratings and live up to those, but be in the middle of the dessert! When you have found a hotel that you think ticks all your boxes, have a quick google on whats around or how far things are. For example our Sheraton Sharjah review, the hotel has great on site amenities, it is perfect if you want a relaxing break away fro the city, you have everything you could want from a resort, without having to be slap bang in the middle of the city. If you are travelling with children, it is important to make sure there is things for them to do! Some children will be happy with the hotels water park, but you may want to broaden their horizons and introduce them to new activities, there is lots of what to do guides available, and often hotel reviews will talk about the area, thats why it’s our number 1!

5. The hidden extras, what’s free and whats not

When choosing a hotel, it is important to know what you want and what the hotel offers, from basic things like wifi and breakfast to pool, spa and excursions. Often hotels will show a price but that doesn’t include things like wifi, tourist tax and breakfast, make sure you total it all up before you pay and book! If the breakfast is going to cost a lot more or something you don’t want to pay but you want to make sure your day starts off well, have a look around and see if there are any near by cafes or coffee shops, or if you are really into it; McDonalds breakfast is a international fast food delicacy!

6. Get your timing right

Countdown Clock

Time – countdown clock

It is very important to book early, because the longer you leave it, the less chance you have of getting the hotel you want. You could spend weeks researching but then also waste weeks to book, when you know what you want.. Then before you know it, the hotel you carefully chose is sold out! This is quite common in the holiday months; summer, christmas and occasionally easter! Most hotels have a reasonable cancelation period, and some don’t accept payment until you actually check in, so you have time to change your mind, just don’t leave it late!

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