Sep 18, 2016
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Dubai Stay at Home Moms and Dads!

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So the kids have gone back to school, university or college after the Eid break, some have gone back after an extended summer break (Taking into account Eid), and all our stay at home moms and dads are back to normal. It’s not an easy job, whether you ar pregnant, looking after a younger child, or just a house wife/husband… We all know it is not as easy as it sounds, so here’s a few tips to refresh and enlighten your new term blues!

1. Routine, Routine, Routine, 

Routine Clock

Routine Clock

As much as you would love to slob around, wake up at whatever time, do whatever, this isn’t going to do you or the child you may be caring for any good. It is important to have a regular routine, or at least a basic one. Now I’m not saying you’re not aloud a day off, psychology suggests the people who have some sort of routine are more successful in life, even if you don’t have it written down or even own a diary, try and have a mental routine. A routine can also affect your mood, so if you are taking each day as it comes, all day, everyday, you may start to feel a little useless, as adults, routine gives ur a purpose. If you don’t assign times or days for certain things to get done, you may start to avoid them and they will never get done!

2. Join a new group, class or Meet up! 


There are lots of blogs, sites and Meet ups you can join or attend, A popular site for these things is, if you are already an active member of a group or society, GREAT! If not, why not?! Or maybe you want to try something new this term? They are a great way to meet like-minded or not so like-minded people, socialite with other stay at home parents and individuals! I went to a business meet up once and met some great like minded people who I still talk to years later! You can learn new things, attend new things… There is always something for everyone in these groups!

3. Take time for yourself 

This is one that a LOT of stay at home parents promise at the beginning of term, but it just never happens… It is important to take time for yourself and do things YOU enjoy! Whether thats lunch with a friend, a sport or finishing a book, set aside a day or afternoon and have some well deserved YOU time!

meet up

4. Plan, Plan, Plan 

This is a bit like having a routine but the actual execution, things like meals, outings and the morning school run! Planning small things like daily meals, shopping lists and outings will make you feel so much better about your routine. It’s most definitely not uncommon, but if you have a maid or help, check with her and be part of the meal planning!

5. Stay on top of your money game

A lot of stay at home parents may decide to do a little on the side; baking cakes, in-home beauty treatments, online blogging, these are great ways to earn a little, but also keep your mind active! Even if you are not earning or the sole earner, stay on top of your finances, a lot of couples tend to argue about money, or they avoid talking about it.. It is important you sit down with your other half and discuss your situation!

6. Get out and about!

Me time

The Pavilion Cafe, Downtown Dubai

Being a stay at home parents doesn’t mean you STAY at home 24/7, if you have a toddler or its just you, it is important to get out and about, do fun things with your child/children, or go pamper yourself! Date nights with your significant other? Go see a movie or go out for desert?

Are you a stay at home parent? Do you have any more tips or tricks you would like to share? Send us your tips or #DxbBlog #MyDxbBlogDubai .. we love catching up with our readers posts!



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