Nov 14, 2015
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Exclusive interview with #MyDubai

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It has been manic at Dubai Blog since WTM’2015 and we are slowly pushing out all our information and research we found for you guys and today we want to share an interview we had with Ahlam Bolooki, the PR/Communications manager at Dubai Tourism!!


Here at Dxb Blog we like to do things differently, so we will use excerpts from our interview and focus the post around the interview, giving you coverage and our thoughts!

So our interview began with a brief introduction with Ahlam just telling us that she manages the PR/Communications at #MyDubai (Which is a government led initiative that aims to “Write an autobiography of a city”).

How big is the events industry in Dubai?

Ahlam explained how this initiative has been going for about 4years now and the entity “Identified the need for a government body to look after this particular industry, having events year upon year for 20-25 25 years”

So in essence, they realised it was bringing in a lot of tourism and they felt it needed a governing body to maintain it as a proper events calendar and something that would grow with the country, rather than for the country. “The idea behind it is that Dubai is always on, there is always something happening within Dubai, and for us we ensure the key events that are driving this influx tourism are growing year on year.”

Why is Dubai the “Events Hub” ?

“First of all the tourism vision for Dubai is to attract 20Million tourists by 2020” (They are definitely on their way to do that, and we want to be a part of bringing more!!)

Ahlam goes on to talk about the 3 pillars that Dubai has in place to make their vision happen, and one of those is EVENTS tourism! The other two are business and family tourism. She also goes on to discuss how wide the genre’s of events are in Dubai and how there are 200 different nationalities in Dubai and for them they aim to please everyone, it is an events Hub because they have something for everyone! From families with children, to adults, from the asian crowd to the folk crowd, from ComCON to Food Festivals! Ahlam noted how they “…make sure there is something for every genre”.

We then moved on to discuss how Dubai looks around them for inspiration. An interesting fact Ahlam threw in; “1/3 of the worlds population lives within a 8hr flight path of Dubai”.



One thing we picked up on being in Dubai is the culture and rules around age and behaviour, but yet again #MyDubai won us over by describing how they respect different cultures and have implied there rules for a very good reason, but they still try to reach out to different cultures by making people aware before they arrive. It’s more of an awareness issue but generally everyone seems to take it really well and they’ve had great success from many international comedians, artists like Carmichael, One Direction, they even hosted Take that recently!

So if you are looking to bring YOUR event to Dubai, make sure you have something that can reach out to everyone! An event that can impact people fro different cultures, nationalities and ages, because Dubai wants only the best for their residents!!

new years night dubai

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(NYE Dubai)

We concluded by talking about the upcoming events like Rugby 7s, Dubai being the most searched City for NYE this year, Jan is Dubai festival, Feb is Food Festival… The list goes on.. But there is so much more to get busy with!! So from all of us here at Dxb Blog, we wish you the best of luck at #MyDubai !!

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