Nov 8, 2014
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Godiva Chocolate café: City walk

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If you are looking for dessert, something seductive, mouth-watering and fresh, look no further than Godiva Chocolate café at city walk, Al Safa, Dubai. It is located by the children’s play area and by the water feature.

The café itself is a little shack style building with windows that display the luxurious chocolate treats that are available for you to devour. There is outside seating as well as inside, with tables for two, couches to recline both outside and in, and group tables for you to enjoy with your friends. When you enter, you can see chocolate being made, shaped and beautiful cakes being freshly created! The ambiance during the day is a fresh welcoming vibe that runs throughout the café and outside, and at night it’s a beautiful peaceful place where you can come for those refreshing, tasteful treats and a delightful evening snack! The staff are very friendly, accommodating and love to engage in jokes and conversation to make you feel even more relaxed and welcome!

Godiva city walk

Godiva Chocolate café


Here’s a few picture of our personal selections…

City Walk views!

Water Fountains at city walk, Al Safa, Dubai

The food is a selection of the finest salads, quiches, sandwiches and small snacks. The deserts include; biscuits, chocolates, waffles, a fine bakery selection, a patisserie, ice cream, truffles, mousse, milkshakes, they have something for everyone! A popular desert is the chocolate sin cake and the variety of ice cream. The chocolate sin cake comes in dark and milk chocolate and is “delicately layered with ganache, mouse and crunchy pieces”, it truly is a pleaser! There are various different flavors of ice cream, from swirls to smooth textures and the classics like vanilla that we have all learnt to love, but all with a Godiva twist! The luxury of their own mixes is simply divine!

Godiva sin cake!

chocolate sin cake

chocolate sin cake

chocolate sin cake

Godiva Chocolate café at city walk, Al Safa, Dubai

ice cream

The unique and lusious flavours of Godiva are something everything needs to try!

Godiva Chocolate café at city walk

Godiva Chocolate café at city walk

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