Jan 1, 2015
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New years eve in Dubai !

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As the clock hit 12.. Dubai welcomed the new year! This year we went to the Dubai mall to see ye fireworks on the burj khalifa (the tallest building in the world), and it was a truly one in a million experience for Dubai. As the mall got busy after we had dinner, we headed out to watch the fireworks, following the signs out the mall. We ended up sitting on the grass under the night sky and surrounded by open air, families, couples and groups of people gathered together to see the fantastic show Dubai was preparing for!
This experience was one in a million for many reasons, firstly because it’s not often you see people walking in Dubai, and today due to traffic and road closes people were walking from the road and all over! Secondly, the ambience of togetherness and calm environment as we found the perfect spot, it was well organized!

So as we sat patiently we people watched, spoke about the year that has passed, although a little nippy, the fresh air and ambience was beautiful.
The countdown! The leading 5-10mins of the last 10secs of 2014 showed how Dubai prepared for the new year bash! The Burj lit with so many LED lights and the countdown painted in lights up the Burj and at once at 0.. BOOOM!! A BLAST OF FIREWORKS ALL OVER, behind us, Infront of us, by the side in other parts of the city, the moment the evening was leading to! The fireworks show that the Burj khalifa put on was astonishing! See the evidence below!

So after the cheers, welcomes and show the crowd seemed to head out onto the road… BY FOOT! This moment was something to go down in history, I had never seen so many people walk so far or in such a large capacity in Dubai! There were people walking left, right and centre! Whether hunting for a taxi or hunting for their car, it was something to remember!!
We were due to go out with a friend after and headed to a metro to cross safely but little did we know, Dubai knew how to get people in and ensure a great show was watched by thousands, but they didn’t think the after math very well! After wandering the mall and outside we reached financial centre metro station and it was a stampede of people!! Pushing everywhere, there were children and women in this crowd! Some people had no shame, but we got out and eventually the Dubai police controlled it well…
It was a messy New Years!! But worth it!!

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