Feb 23, 2015
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Raining Money …Only in Dubai

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Correction : This actually happened in Kuwait .
They say money can’t buy you happiness? “Habibti come to Dubai.” Was the saying not long ago now it’s raining money! Yes by raining money I mean quite literally ….
Millions of 500 Dhiram notes ($137 or £88) flying everywhere stopped Dubai’s Jumeirah traffic 2 weeks ago! People stopped their cars left, right and centre to grab the money! We are still unaware of where the money came from…
And eventually police came and ushered people away but this magnificent occurrence proves it really is the hub of endless luxury and money! The Arab rich country has crossed every limit with this… Dubai is where you all need to be! Haha! Raining money, who would of thought it… Now the saying… ONLY IN DUBAI!
Watch the video here

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Source : Daily Mail

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