Sep 23, 2016
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Ridin’ Solo- 5 benifits of Solo traveling !

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Today I thought I would mix it up a little and rather than being country specific, I would promote Solo travel- The act of travelling alone! It is a great way to meet people, discover yourself, and so much more! So here are a few reasons why “Ridin’ Solo” can be good for you!

1. You are in control

By travelling alone, you can control the where, when, how, and the what! You can jump from city to city spontaneously, or spend the whole vacation in one city, in one resort, hotel or hostel while you explore the entirety of that ONE city. Planning trips with groups or even as a couple can be quite time-consuming, matching the dates and preferences, whereas if you are traveling solo, you are the master of your travel! You aren’t tied down to another person or others plans or ideas, and you don’t have to negotiate what you want to do. I personally love spending time at the beach, but wouldn’t spend the whole day there…


Travelling alone map.

2. Learning more about yourself

Travelling alone gives you the time and space to understand yourself, you may think you know your own habits, likes and dislikes.. but thats in a community of people you’re comfortable with, or a work environment you spend a lot of time in, or a specific routine you have got stuck in? When “Ridin’ Solo” , you are away from all that and you might just surprise yourself on your actions, likes and dislikes… or the way you handle certain situations? You will also have the time to step back from your life and really think about what you are doing, are you living the life YOU want? Overall, you will most definitely come back with something or the other you didn’t have before… An opinion on certain worldly matters, a new outlook on life, a characteristic or personality trait you didn’t know you had?

3. It is a great confidence booster!

Whether you’re a shy person or someone who doesn’t mind getting up on stage, or someone who needs a few drinks to get going, solo travel is something that will boost your confidence, or give it a new turn! You will no doubt need to interact with people, you may even want to make some new friends on the way, this communication will stay with your forever. Navigating in a foreign country is something we tend to not notice when travelling with groups or couples, there’s either one person who communicates well or you’re all the same, clueless!! When you’re in a group, that doesn’t seem so daunting because you have each other, but when you’re travelling alone, there’s no time to be shy! I’m not saying you have to talk to every tom, dick and harry that comes your way… If you don’t want to make friends, there’s no rules… It’s YOUR trip.. but you are going to have to speak to some people; hotel staff, tour operators, retails staff, waiters or waitresses.. You get my drift right?

4. Your travelling knowledge is innovated

By travelling alone you will become more aware of things, people around you, places, behaviours and he environment you’re in. People watching is fun anywhere, but when travelling alone, walking around that new city alone or sitting on a bench somewhere in Europe, just taking it all in and watching people will give you a great sense of calm. Many solo travellers say they learn to be more patient, kind and understanding of everyday situations when they travel alone. Looking in on a city as an outsider gives them that sense of compassion!

5. Your bucket list!

Everybody has one of these, whether its mental or physically written somewhere, but where does anyone have the time to do this stuff? “Ridin’ Solo” is the perfect chance to do this! You don’t have anybody with you to worry about if they’ll enjoy it, and nothing sounds silly when you’re on your own, because there is nobody to tell you its silly! Whether you want to eat insects in Asia or have a go at Yodling, whether you want to perform a religious act or ritual, or something like swim 100m in the ocean…. It’s YOUR bucket list and solo travel is the PERFECT TIME!


Overall, Solo travel is something I would suggest everybody do at least once in their lives, if you can’t afford to backpack around Europe or cruise around Asia, go to another city in your own country… You don’t have to go big to go solo, but go somewhere out of your comfort zone, or somewhere you haven’t been or if you CAN, somewhere you don’t know anybody! Be safe, have fun and again.. If this article inspired you, or you HAVE travelled solo, share your pics and posts with us! Just #MyDxbBlog #MyDxbBlogTravels ! We love hearing from our readers!!

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