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This article will guide you through the types of licenses available in free zones in Dubai, because most of them are similar and offer the same things, although some FZ’s may not offer some or offer another, the license type generally tend to have the same description. Below is a list of a few “Common” ones and a vague description in order for you to understand what the free zones are offering.

Service License

This allows the registered entity to carry out specified services, so it’s more personalized and you are not paying extra for something you may never use.

Trade License

This allows entities to practice activities which are related of import and export or distribution of items and goods specified in the license.

Industrial License

This allows import of raw material, manufacture, and process assemble, package and exportation of the finished product.

Business Operation Permit

This is a special permit for companies operating in the administrative zone of certain free zones (areas that may be owned by private developers) using a license issued by DED (Dubai Economic Department), no share capital is usually required for this type of permit.

Entrepreneurial Business License

Also known as a EBL, this is designed especially for entrepreneurs and their business through an array of support resources and services. Depending on the free zone, they may have personal restrictions to whom may obtain this.

Free Lance Permit

This allows you to operate as a freelance professional. You are identified as a sole practitioner and enables to conduct your business in your birth name as opposed to your brand name

National Industrial

This License is designed for manufacturing companies with an ownership or shareholding of at least 51% with Arab Gul Co-operation Council (AGCC) nationals/citizens. The value added to the product in the free zone must amount to a minimum of 40%. This also allows the holder to gain the same status as a AGCC inside the UAE

General Trading

Basically import, distribute and store all items as per the free zones regulations.

Merge (Amalgamation of companies)

Two or more companies which are incorporated in the same one may apply to consent for amalgamate and continue as one.

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