Feb 12, 2017
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Valentines, Anti- Valentines, Or Just another Day? What will it be?

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Hey guys! I know this is cutting it fine but we like to get things in closer to the time so you have it fresh on your mind, and also for those late people who forget! (Yes! We got your back!) So whether you are celebrating Valentines, Anti-Valentines or Just celebrating another day… Here are our picks!

1. Mint Leaf by London

Mint Leaf London

A taste of Mint Leaf London!

With a special set menu and an ambience enough to warm the cities heart, this is a hot place to take your loved one this valentines day! Located on the 15th floor of emirates financial towers, this Lounge is both chill and wine and dine cute! From roses to red beverages and the perfect concoction of the best food! If you want to impress your special someone… This scenic venue definitely has love in their air this coming week!

    2. Make some cake pops!

Decoration Ideas for your cake pops!

Decoration Ideas for your cake pops!

For those of you who want to have a special night in, why not make your loved one a cake pop bouquet some!

  • Crumble a cake and mix in some frosting until you can cup the mixture into small balls.
  • Then using your hand or a mini ice cream scoop, scoop out small balls of cake.
  • Next, melt some white, milk, and dark chocolate (Separately) and dip the tip of your pop stick in the chocolate, then pop your pop stick on and dip in the chocolate too!
  • You can decorate it with sweets or edible decor (As you wish)!
  • Finally, leave to cool and when they’re cool arrange them in a bouquet style and tie with a ribbon at the bottom!

You can enjoy these later with a movie or as a desert? Guaranteed he/she will love them!

   3.  Beach dinner with a twist @ Al Qasr

Credits to Jumeirah Hotels

Nothing says Dubai quite like the beach, so why not indulge in a beach dinner with your loved one or friend? But this ones not just a beach dinner! You are whisked away on your own private Abra to your beach dinner! The picturesque Al Qasr beach is one of the top rated placed to be on valentines this year! Their VIP service, serene ambience and majestic views are breath taking! Prices range from 5,000AED to 11,500 AED per couple, depending on whether you opt for the cruise, want a luxury car transfer and alcoholic beverage options (rose pink bubbly).

   4. Anti-valentines!

W Dubai

W Dubai

Turn up the heat @ W Dubai hotel @ Al Habtour City! Whether you are single or ready to mingle or you want to wine and dine that special someone, this is the place that welcomes all! Turning up the best tunes, entertainment and cocktails this valentines!

  5. Miracle Gardens

Miracle gardens!

Miracle gardens!

(Mind the weird funny face!)

This is not one for the faint, if you are set against love and all things hearts, do not go to miracle gardens on valentines! We can personally vouch for this beautiful, majestic place on valentines. It has an atmosphere, lots of things to see and gives you that one on one time you need, just walk around and enjoy the flowers, the sights and conversation! If you can get your other half away fro technology for the day (Unless for pictures).. I can promise you will have a fantastic time! It is the perfect valentines location!

A few more ideas includes;

  • Personalised gifts
  • Home made gifts!
  • Cook dinner! (Not just the ladies)
  • Why not spend valentines with your parents? It is a day of love, and the first true love in our lives were our parents right?
  • Hang out with your girls/guys, you tell yourself every year that valentines day is EVERY DAY for you and your significant other? Prove it.. Spend the day apart with friends you wouldn’t usually get time to see!
  • Catch up on some rest and pamper yourself? Spa for two? Heck, why not spa for one? valentines is all about love? Loving yourself counts!


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