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At Dubai Blog we pride ourselves in providing first-hand information to our readers, that is the reason we have a large and loyal following base, generating over 1.5 Million + views on our reviews, across platforms.

By working with us, you will be able to take advantage of first hand experience about your service/product being shared, in the form of reviews, social media ads and other major social platform displays. Widening your horizons for customer potential.

Working with bloggers has proved very successful in this day and age due to the rise of the web, then social media and now we have a new generation of “Influencers”, with bloggers and vloggers leading the game. People are always keen to see what other have experienced, but from our tests we have noticed people prefer to read first-hand experience in one place, rather than scavenging through different review sites. Dubai Blog offers just that, and your product/service could benefit!

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Dubai Guru Status at

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The people behind Dubai Blog have years of experience in Digital Marketing.

Khawar Jamil Ur Rasool Founder DxbBlog

Khawar Jamil Ur Rasool

The founder of the blog Khawar jamil Ur rasool is one of the top social media influencers in the UAE including sites such as Trip Advisor. He has obtained multiple badges and a following of 300k views on his reviews and has been titled number one foodie in Fujeirah , Ranking 9th position in Ajman and in the top 10 in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and Sharjah with over 1.5 million views on his reviews on  Zomato.



Madeeha Rahim DxbBlog

Madeeha Rahim

My Co-editor Madeeha Rahim has extensive digital marketing and content experience, ensuring each article is tailored to the product, customer and platform. Each stage is important in generating the right interest, something that many bloggers tend to miss, which then creates the wrong type of customer base for you. We pride ourselves in ensuring everything is tailored to these 3 elements.



Our team may be small, but quality is always better than quantity, and that’s a motto we follow.

On Facebook, our messages and posts reach out to hundreds of thousands people organically and to millions through our Facebook advertisement campaigns promoting our blog posts.

By working with us you are assured that you are not working with some “wanna-be” bloggers, instead there is a serious team who is running this blog helping businesses like yourself to share your brand message.

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