A little about people behind DxbBlog

If you are a company looking to collaborate with us visit Work with us Page.  Myself (Maddy) and KJ moved to Dubai in 2013, I came in search of a student life with a difference, him, a boost to business. We came together in a small part of Dubai called Dubai Silicon oasis, so let’s begin out journey here…

Silicon oasis is a small partition of Dubai that runs alongside the main city. There are many little partitions of the city, everything from the rich sea and white sands of Jumeirah to the more rural and rustic areas like karama, however there’s tall buildings everywhere! So there’s certainly no lack of creativity or infrastructure.

Myself (Maddy ) And Kj at Scottish Highland Games Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus
Myself (Maddy ) And Kj at Scottish Highland Games Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus

Anyway, back to our journey, DSO (Dubai Silicon Oasis), you will notice such acronyms are used for many parts. Within silicon there must be over 50 buildings, all housing different kinds of people from different walks of life, with different paths and different roads. That’s one thing Dubai is also rich in, diversity of culture and global citizens! Although one cannot gain nationality, even if you were born here or have been here for many, many years (and I mean, 30+ years won’t even get you the passport) , residency is a must, either through work, parents, business, education or labor. There is your average tourist visa that many arrive on or obtain upon arrival, then there is the above listed visas for the non-nationals, which allow you to reside here for longer periods of time due to work, education etc. The nationals are also addressed as emirati’s or “locals”.

DSO has a variety of accommodation, from villas to apartments in tall buildings, nothing quite like the Burj khalifa (tallest building in the world), but the 25-28 story buildings range from modern, to cultural and western designs. There are two main villa compounds; cedre and semer, with new ones being planned.

There are a range of supermarkets, restaurants, take-aways, coffee shops, the cooling ice cream shops and other little stores to accommodate any grocery shopping or basic home ware and choitrams even has a small make up and hair section! I don’t want to bore you with anymore details but being 20-25mins from a mall that says Dubai , having a nice community atmosphere. It’s a nice place to be.

Overtime we will post reviews of places all over Dubai, including here in our very own DSO, so let’s not prolong the details …. But there’s us and our home in a nutshell …. I hope you enjoy what is to come and we can capture Dubai from many eyes, because one view can never paint a picture.