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The Ultimate Guide to Dubai City

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Dubai over the years has undergone major transformations; as the skyline of the Emirate witnesses rising sky scrapers, dominated by five star hotels and business towers. This place fascinates everyone with its energy, optimism and openness towards everyone from across the world. It is a melting pot of nationalities as expatriates from more than 18 countries come here to earn and live a relaxed life. Owing to this, it has become a cosmopolitan hub where people from all walks of life fulfill their dreams.
While Dubai is the ideal place for the rich and famous, there are lots of things which every common person can indulge in, without being heavy on the pocket. If you are planning to head to Dubai to experience its grandeur then here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect place to enjoy your time in Dubai. There are lots of places to explore and many activities to indulge in. Take your pick from the below list so that the next time you visit Dubai, you know what to do!

Burj- At the Top

Burj Khalifa is world famous for being the tallest tower in the world. Now imagine going to the top of this tower and experiencing the world from the top! The breath taking view along with the mesmerizing structure just makes you realize the grandeur of the place. The viewing deck of at the Burj is located on the 124th floor and offers an amazing view of the Dubai and the Dubai Mall right below it. The infamous Fountain at the Dubai Mall can be seen from the top, however one realises how great the structure is when the cars look nothing but tiny toy cars and building as if made from Lego! If you want to enjoy the true feel of Dubai, it is best that you book a spot for Burj-At the Top today! There are various time slots to visit the deck, however the best one is either the Sunrise or the Sunset, when you can see the golden sunrays in the sky as they emerge or submerge into the sky. For ticket bookings and other information you can visit here: http://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/index.aspx

Helicopter Tour


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Do you want to explore the Emirate from the top? How about a 15 to 20 minute ride across the Dubai skies in a helicopter? Sounds fun, right? You will get to admire the skylines of Dubai as you move across the Dubai skies in a 5 passenger helicopter controlled by experienced pilots. Glide above the Burj, The Palm, Atlantis, The World Islands etc. Amongst a host of operators, Alpha Tours is considered as one of the safest and best operators. This high flying adventure is sure to excite you as you witness the amazing Dubai from far above the skies. Although just 20 minute ride, it will give you memories to last a lifetime! Check out our recent helicopter ride review with Alpha Tours 

Desert Safari and Dune Bashing

Dubai Blog Desert safari

Dubai Blog Desert safari

In Dubai, Desert Safari and Dune bashing are some of the top most attractions; anyone who has been to the Emirate would have definitely indulged in this activity. There are a number of tour operators offering the same services, but with varying prices. The prices differ based on the skill level of the driver, the insurance offered and the facilities offered at the campsite. You can do some online research regarding the best tour operators for desert safari. The most popular excursion out there is the afternoon desert safari along with BBQ buffet. It is a thrilling experience as you navigate your way through the desert dunes and have a roller coaster ride in your 4X4! Dune bashing, another popular activity can be challenging as you get onto the bike and fight your way through the dunes. The exhilarating experience is then topped with amazing lunch/dinner with complimentary soft drink. If you wish to have some alcoholic drinks, they may be served at a price. You can relax and get a feel of the local flavor as you sit back and enjoy some traditional dancing along with Henna art, desert camel ride and other things. All in all, it is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Sky Diving

Dubai Sky Diving

Photo credits SkyDive Dubai Facebook Page

Do you want to soar like a bird and check out some of the spectacular ‘drop zones’ of the world? Then you should consider going skydiving with the leading Dubai company simply known as SkyDive Dubai. You get to step out into the air from an altitude of 4,000 meters and experience a rush of wind as you free fall downwards. The exhilarating experience gives you an adrenalin rush and is something that shouldn’t be missed. The entire experience is a full scale immersion of senses. You do not have to worry about safety as there are experienced instructors to guide you at every step and all the safety measures are in check to avoid any untoward accident. To make sure that you relive your memories anywhere and everywhere, a cameraman will jump along to document your experience! The free fall lasts for a minute after which your instructor will open the parachute. After that it is a 5 minute descent. It is your chance to view the iconic city and marvel at its beauty from high up. If you wish to learn more about Sky Diving, rates and for bookings head over to their website:

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Photo credits Wild Wadi Waterpark

Located in front of the stunning Burj al Arab, Wild Wadi is your destination for fun and frolic! A water park that offers more than 30 rides and attractions for the entire family to enjoy, Wild Wadi is consistently rated as one of the best places to visit in Dubai. One of the highlights of the place is that it has a system of flow rivers and jets which push you around the park. Therefore, you  will rarely have to get down and only for the rides you will have to climb up the stairs. The gravity defying ride called Jemeriah Sceirah is the tallest and the fastest free fall water side, outside of America! The entire place is themed around Juha, Sindbad’s mythical friend. This is a place for everyone to enjoy, whether it is the kids or adults, everyone will find something to love here. Apart from the rides, you will find many outlets for eating and generally relaxing. A great place to spend  a day off with your family and friends, it’s a must visit for those visiting Dubai. For details regarding the pricing and group bookings go to their website here: http://www.jumeirah.com/en/hotels-resorts/dubai/wild-wadi/

Atlantis and AquaVenture

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, The Palm

Photo credits Atlantis The Palm facebook page

One of the most popular places that Dubai has to offer is the grand and opulent Atlantis Hotel. A 7 star hotel that offers some of the best luxuries that you could think of! Atlantis is considered as a one of best hotels in the world as it offers its guests all the luxuries and amenities and much more. As you approach Atlantis, you will truly feel as if you have left the Dubai behind and have come to a new underwater place altogether. Upon entering the premises of the Hotel, you realize the opulence of the place and the interiors will simply mesmerize you. It is something that is absolutely worth experiencing!
Another attraction offered by Atlantis is its famous aqua park named Aquaventure. It is the best place to escape the desert heat as the massive 42 acres of space is covered with pools, beach and palm tree shaded rest areas. The adrenaline pumping slides and rides will keep you busy throughout the day. The world’s largest water slide Aquaconda is something that should not be missed. The wild ride will pump you up with adrenalin and it will be an unforgettable experience for you. Check out their rates and other offers on their website: https://www.atlantisthepalm.com/

Al Ain Zoo and Safari

Al Ain Zoo

Photo Credits Al Ain Zoo Facebook page

If you are looking for a family recreational and educational outing, then you must consider heading to Al Ain Zoo which is home to a wide variety of animal and bird species. The location has around 4000 animals who live in natural habitat and have ample space to roam around freely. The Children’s Zoo within also allows kids to interact with the less dangerous animals, up and close. Kids can even pet or hold a few animals and learn more about animals in the process. Recently it opened its gate to the world’s largest man-made safari that will be cherished by old and young alike. The safari is spread over 217 hectares of land and houses more than 250 species of wild animals. Apart from animals like springbok, scimitar Oryx and eland there are animals such as giraffe, lions and zebra too. The park also houses 38 species of native African plants. The experience will be one of its kind as you explore the safari with expert tour guides. To learn more about the Safari and Al Ain Zoo, check out their website http://www.alainzoo.ae/

The Walk at JBR


In a place that is famous for its massive air conditioned malls, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residencies (JBR) has its own charm. The stylish promenade houses a number of brand stores and many restaurants and cafes so that you can enjoy a leisurely stroll and experience gourmet food in the open. There are many fashion, handicraft and home shops at the boulevard for you to explore. The Walk has been designed to keep the crowd entertained while ensuring they enjoy the outdoors too. The Walk also sees display of art work and street entertainment from time to time. It is a place that lets you in on the wonder of Dubai while giving you a chance to experience the best in retail shopping.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloon Adventures

Photo Credits Balloon Adventures Facebook Fan Page

Here is another unforgettable activity that you must consider doing; hot air balloon ride! Enjoy the Dubai desert view as you fly away into the sky, viewing some of the distinct Arabian animals such as the oryx, gazelles and camels. Although it is termed as an adventure sport, it is something that is very safe and the operators in Dubai make sure that all the important safety measures are in check. It is a unique experience in itself and something that will be enjoyed by one and all. Check out http://www.ballooning.ae  for their balloon ride services.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Photo Credits Ski Dubai Facebook Fan Page

This is an indoor ski resort in Mall of Emirates spanning 22,500 square meter. This indoor resort features 85 meter high mountains complete with 5 slopes of varying steepness and difficulty. There are many other features such as boxes, kickers and rails to keep the crowd entertained. There is a quad lift and a tow lift to carry skiers and snowboarders to reach the top of the mountain. There is 3000 square meter Snow Park play area adjoining the slopes which consists of fun elements such as icy body slides, climbing towers, icy body slide, giant snowballs, toboggan runs and much more. Furthermore, Ski Dubai also houses a few penguins which kids will definitely love to play with! The tickets include the cost of winter clothing, ski and snowboards. This attraction is worth experiencing, especially if you have always wanted to experience the snow! For group bookings and ticket rates visit their website at https://booking.skidxb.com/

Dubai Parks and BBQ

Dubai Parks

Photo Credits Dubai Parks Facebook Fan Page

One of highlights of Dubai is its ability to provide family entertainment. Dubai is home to some of the best parks and recreation facilities where the entire family and friends can get together and have a good time. It is one of the commonest activity here; families thronging to the parks on weekends with kids in tow; tricycles, bicycles and cars galore! Another favorite activity here while visiting the park is to do a full coarse barbecue dinner/lunch. Most of the famous parks here consist of barbecue grills and smokers so that families can enjoy a mouthwatering meal in the open, surrounded by beautiful trees and plants. Along with these amenities the parks have jogging and cycling tracks, beaches play pens for kids and much more! Some of the famous parks in Dubai include Zabeel Park, Creek Park, Pond Park, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Safa Park, Mushrif Park etc. A well planned day at th park will bring joy to everyone.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

Housed at Al Fahidi Fort and built in 1787, the Dubai Museum is the oldest existing building in Dubai. The museum has colorful dioramas and exhibits which depict the everyday life of people in the UAE before the discovery of oil. The museum features galleries which recreate the historic homes, Mosques, Souqs and other buildings. The exhibit also dwells upon pearl diving and its related items. The museum proudly displays artefacts from Asia and Africa as well as Local finds. If you wish to learn about the UAE and its history, a visit to the museum is a must.

Gold Souq

Dubai Gold souq

Dubai Gold souq

One of the most famous and most visited souq in Dubai is the gold souq, situated in Deira. It is a labyrinth of covered walkways with gold and silver jewelry shops on the either sides. Home to hundreds of retailers, you will find the best and the most exquisite gold, diamond, precious gemstone and platinum jewelry here. It is one of the most fascinating places of Dubai, which should be on the list of every tourist heading to Dubai. There are signs across the gold souq, which indicate the current gold price. Retailers sell the jewelry based on weight and charge the current price while also charging an amount for the workmanship; commonly termed as making charges. You can always bargain on the making charges and bring the total amount considerably lower. While you can use your credit card to make purchases, you will get more discounts and offers on cash purchase. Whether you wish to make a purchase or you want simply want to experience the place, it is worth a visit.
This comprehensive guide has been compiled for visitors visiting Dubai and looking for things to do here. Dubai offers several attractions and we try to provide you with the maximum information in order to make your stay eventful! Got something to share with us which we can include into the ultimate guide to Dubai ? Let us know in comments below!

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