Dec 5, 2013
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Dubai Media City Free Zone

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Dubai Media City Free zone has rapidly become an international media hub for all sorts of media sectors and business. From your average marketing media, printing media, to broadcasting, new media and leisure and entertainment media. The Free Zone allows clients to advertise and showcase amongst big shots like CNN, Sony, Forbes, CNBC, BBC and many more. There is a lot of potential from the business centers and boutique villas to the commercial offices where business gets out and about.
So what opportunities are about for you here?
As you may know the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is already aiming high and looking to the future, they are expected to be the leading entertainment sector in terms of growth for the next 5 years, so wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?
Another interesting factor is that if we are talking fractions and percentages, 9-% of the Ad Spend In the MENA region is on Television and newspapers, but the internet is soon catching up as it is see as the new technology and easier for people to adapt to and use in their everyday life, this change was brought about between 2009-2013 and has made a momentous difference for the future, a flexible platform for all sorts of advertising and marketing. This applies specially for our younger generation, the today of tomorrow.
Price Water House Coopers predicted that the E&M region is due to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 16.5% within the next 5 years, but with the expo round the corner I think we can predict a sky high increase in this figure.
Alongside the 100% ownership, tax free earning, Low cost energy, Operations and Excellent infrastructure and support, Dubai brings about the change YOU need to get out there and show off your products and broadcast your channels.
From when it first opened in January 2001, DIMC has thrived to host their regional and global advertisers, marketers and media clients.
In june of the very year it opened it launched the Ibda’a Students Media Award to showcase and give recognition to the younger entrepreneurs and younger talent amongst the experienced client, because the younger generation is our tomorrow, if we celebrate their talents now, they will feel confident enough to use those talents to progress deeper and follow their hopes and dreams.
You can visit DMC for more information or speak to one of our expert, We provide free initial consultation to our visitors please contact us today to discuss your business by clicking here .

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