Oct 23, 2013
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Why should one invest in a business in Dubai?

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Hey guys and welcome to UAE, a Country free of taxes, shooting opportunities and magical wonderlands built for your pleasure. We are here to tell you why you should invest in Dubai, why you should make that mile stone and move yourself over to the gulf. Because above the rules and restrictions that you may have heard, the rumors and stories. This could potentially be the best move for your business or future business. Let me first tell you, everywhere has a up and down market, fluctuating about from time to time, nowhere will ever be perfect but Dubai could be the right move for you.
So what’s happening in Dubai these days? Things that point to business and your benefit?
Dubai is running first in many sectors of life; culture, tourism, shopping, enjoyment, etc… and believe it or not but these attractions can boost your business, because where there is luxury, you will always have needs and wants and demand. People will need more products and services.


Infrastructure In Dubai is the most important thing you will ever look into, from the largest airports serving over 20 different airlines, to the efficiency of electricity and water, and the wide variety of health care systems from all over the world, you cannot say Dubai hasn’t got it all.
Dubai has many Business hubs where business people meet for organized meetings or maybe you just want to meet a few other people in your industry, or people like you. From the pavilion in downtown Dubai to the Dubai International Financial center meet ups, to the smaller venues such as coffee shops (Tim Hortonz is a haven) where business personnel’s meet up to discuss what they can offer you or just for a catch up on how things are going.


So you are new and don’t drive? Dubai has the one of the fastest metro services, going out couldn’t be more convenient. You just need a NOL card (Dubai transportation card) and you can get from one end to the other in 1hour, so you can understand how convenient and accessible the rest of the stops are on the way. There are two lines, the red line is a commonly used to get to work places and attractions, malls and accessing sheikh Zayed road (The center), whereas the green line is commonly where people get off to go home or enjoy the smaller and quitter things in life, the simple things about, But they are both worth a wander if you have the time. You can top up your NOL as you need it, these can also be used on feeder buses, which travel within the city, locally in your local area, or even to other emirates such as Ajman, Sharjah, Fujerah, Al ain. But if you drive, Dubai is renowned for oil right? Which makes petrol dirt cheap. BONUS.

What goes on in Dubai?

Dubai is the central hub for events and exhibitions in the Middle East, from the huge Electronics festival of GITEX in October and now April, to the Dubai International Film Festival in December. Dubai has it all. But what do they have to cater to the business individuals? Dubai has many trade, marketing and other business savvy exhibitions and conferences. For example this year the return of the “Procurement and supply chain ME”, this helps organizations achieve their supply and procurement goals, returning for the second time in Dubai. Another one is the talents & Career Development conference, a conference aimed at addressing pressing issues faced by the HR departments of businesses.  So it’s not all factual, there are some things that may help you along the way. This event will be on the 1st to 2nd of October 2013.
So there’s a brief background hinter, Dubai has so much to explore! So stay tuned to our online magazine which will be updated regularly with articles from different people from different walks in life and how they make Dubai suit them, how Dubai made or broke them.

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