Apr 23, 2018
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An action packed weekend amongst the trees @ Aventura Dubai!

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Amongst all the tall buildings, malls, indoor theme parks and city life we were over the moon to be invited to hang amongst the trees last weekend @Aventura Dubai Park! The park is a wonderful place for people of all ages to enjoy the great outdoors that Dubai has to offer, spread over 35,000 square meters of beautiful trees and plants, it definitely is nature at it’s finest! Aventura is located in Mushrif Park, Dubai, which is close to Rashidiya metro, a short 10 minute drive from there or Midriff city centre. The minimum height requirement in 1.15 and the minimum age is 6, there are different levels for different ages and prefrences; The red, Blue, Extreme and Orange.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the front desk, given wrist bands for the park, but also for water and juice, the purple and yellow wrist band holders get free top up water and juice through out your stay!

We started with an initiation circuit that all visitors must complete, there are professionally trained staff that take you through how to connect and disconnect your wires and techniques on how to walk across things and how to attach yourself to the zippiness! This takes around 10-15 minutes in total as they let you do the circuit as well to be assured you understood what to do! The circuits range from “Rangers” to the “Extreme” and “Thriller” which is basically several huge zip lines across the park! (My personal favourite)-  Sadly we didn’t get many pictures on the Thriller because my fear of heights had overcome me and I was pushing myself to keep going and forgot! However, we do have a few shots taken from below! The park is a great challenge, great fun and has some great staff!

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As it is outdoors and in the middle of the dessert, it is recommended you do it in the cooler months, by doing it this month we experienced lashes of heat after about 12, so 9 was a good time to start, because it was still fairly cool then. The staff were really friendly and hospitable, offering juice and water and suggesting we take breaks. There is always one member of staff on each adventure, if not 2, so if yo get stuck or want to come down or just need a little push, they are just a shout away!

After the first course we decided to take a break under the shade, have a drink and cool down a bit, the staff helped us out of our harnesses and we sat back and took i the AC and had some water and juice. We took breaks between courses, and found that this helped. My partner in crime gave up after the second one because of the heat, but she really enjoyed the experience!

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On site there are toilets, showers, a restaurant, bean bags, and a small area where parties take place. There was a party being set up as we were coming off the course, the table was being decorated with happy birthday banners and balloons and the children were gathering round, so it is also a great place for a party! There are also lockers where you can keep your things while you tackle the adventures waiting! There are also books and magazines in the restaurant and colouring options given to children, for those who want to watch or aren’t taking on the courses! I think the addition of the books is a great idea, very hospitable!

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Dress Code

I wore cropped jeans and a casual to with trainers, closed toe shoes are recommended, obviously due to the nature of the activity. I would advise you to wear something comfortable and sporty, although my jeans were comfy and I could carry my phone and camera in my pockets, it did get a little bit hot at times. Other people were wearing leggings and tops, shorts, etc. It also depends on the whether, in the hotter months I would recommend you cover up to avoid getting sun burnt.

Overall, we had a great day and we would love to go back in a cooler time period! 10/10 from us Aventura Dubai!

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