Jul 28, 2023
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Feast Amidst Nature’s Charm: Dine at Alpine, Nathia Gali (Review)

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This summer, I decided to go on my first solo trip to Abbottabad, Pakistan. If one decides to visit Abbottabad, then savoring the scenic sights filled with peace and tranquility at Nathia Gali is a must. Hence, we( my friends and I) decided to enjoy the enchanting beauty of Nathia Gali for one day.

Since it was just a day trip, we decided to have lunch at Alpine. Located at the heart of the hill station, Alpine is a famous hotel and resort, a perfect escape to the mountain paradise. The resort comes with a picturesque restaurant, with captivating views of Miranjani Mountains.

Getting to the restaurant wasn’t difficult but once we arrived at the destination there was one thing I didn’t like. As parking space wasn’t enough to accommodate the guests arriving, the staff helped the guests find the parking space. He wasn’t exactly polite with our female friend as he assumed that she wasn’t exactly capable of parking the car but later he did compliment by saying that she did a better job than most men. Coming back to our review, the views, the weather and the colourful flowers had already cast a magical spell on me.

As we entered the restaurant we had to choose where to dine. Alpine provides both indoor and outdoor dining options, but the treehouse dining experience stole the spotlight. Without hesitation we opted for this unique dining experience and seized the chance to enjoy breathtaking mountain views and enjoy our meal.

The menu showcases Chinese and Pakistani cuisine, steak, both Western and traditional Pakistani desserts and drinks and fast food.

After ordering our food, we decided to take a stroll and explore the premises. The resort has its own little zoo, featuring birds, rabbits, and peacocks. The beautiful man-made fountains and ponds, along with the natural greenery adorning the surroundings, adds to the beauty of the resort. Additionally, for those seeking thrill without compromising safety, the Zipline is a perfect choice (it is neither high nor it soars through valleys).

The food and service both were good. The staff were friendly, patient, and attentive. Sipping our drinks, we enjoyed the cool weather. Bees were a tad bit of problem, but the mesmerizing views were worth it. The cool, lovely breeze added to the delight.

Alpine left a lasting impression, and with certainty, I can say that if I ever go back to Abbottabad, I would, without a doubt, stay at the resort, and we will, for sure, write about our experience there.

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