Nov 12, 2023
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Lanzhou Islamabad(Review)

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The oldest evidence of noodles dates back to 4,000 years ago in China. During the Han dynasty, noodles made from wheat were a staple food, much like they are for us university students today. After a week of consuming instant noodles, I pondered why not enjoy a proper noodle meal?

This time I ventured to I-8, to look for Lanzhou, hoping it to be a place to unwind whenever I feel low.


Lanzhou is located in I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, right below Tayto and next to Al-Baik on the basement floor.


The ambiance isn’t posh or cozy. It’s the type of atmosphere where one might go for lunch after a long day of hard work, resembling the neighbourhood lunch spots often depicted in Korean or Chinese drama series.

Culinary Experience:

The food there is pricey, but one dish isn’t meant for just one person, the quantity is worth it. The noodles are made fresh at the restaurant, and the dumplings were soft and perfectly cooked. The stuffing had a well-balanced mix of flavors, and the rice with smoked chicken was exceptional. The revitalizing peach tea, or as I call it, “a spirit-cleansing elixir,” is perfect for relaxation. Usually, when we go out, my mates always point out that I’m probably not satisfied with the food. However, this time, they concluded that we had finally found a place where I was happy after eating. Some of the items on the menu weren’t available for reasons unknown, which is quite disappointing.

Service Experience:

The service falls short of expectations. The servers, while polite, often lack attentiveness, which adds to occasional delays with the food service.

Planning Your Visit: Important Tips for Navigating Lanzhou’s Peak Hours and Service Hours:

Lanzhou is a bustling spot, particularly on weekends, especially Sundays when people eagerly wait for a free table to dine. They serve until 10 pm, and it’s common for many to leave without getting a taste of their hot noodles. Prior to your visit, it’s important to consider the time and day to avoid missing out.

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