Aug 22, 2023
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Lunar Cafe, Islamabad(Review)

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In F-7, Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad, there is a BEECHTREE outlet(for those who don’t know it is a Pakistan based clothing label), and above this outlet lies the Lunar Cafe.
The midterms at the University had ended that day and the half day left was to relax. It was decided that we(my friends and I) would have dinner at Lunar Café.

As I stepped into the café, the moon on the wall with illuminated edges caught my attention. The roof of the café was meant to imitate the night sky with shining stars, the place didn’t display the realistic night sky, or maybe it wasn’t meant to, but it was cozy for sure.

After settling in the cozy atmosphere we turned our attention to the menu and made our selections. The café puts a strong emphasis on Chinese cuisine, showcasing kang pao chicken, dumplings and chop suey, catering to those who are fond of Chinese cuisine. In addition to that, the menu features burgers, wraps, sandwiches(some that piqued my interest include Galaxy Cheese Sandwich, Geographical Sandwich), fish, and desserts( you will find tiramisu here).

The service was okay—the staff there were patient and friendly but not attentive, as deduced from the fact that one of my friends received an incorrect order. Additionally, the food wasn’t delivered in a timely manner, which was particularly frustrating considering we were quite hungry. It would be beneficial for the café to prioritize prompt food delivery to ensure a more satisfactory dining experience.
Now, let’s come to the most important question: How was the food? We decided to “create our own bowl,” which serves a combo of rice and chow mein. The first step is divided into two levels (depending on the level of hunger, one can make their choice). The second step includes the selection of the main, where one can decide if they want chicken, prawns, beef, etc., in their chow mein. Other than that, we tried their pasta. The food was okay. On one hand, the combo bowl was good in terms of taste and price; the quantity was satisfying. However, the pasta was too salty.

After finishing our meal, the café became filled with smoke, most likely released from the kitchen. This caused significant breathing difficulties for everyone present and resulted in a chorus of coughing throughout the room. For those with asthma, it was particularly problematic. Consequently, we promptly settled the bill and left the cafe premises to breathe comfortably.

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