Mar 8, 2015
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Internationals Womens Day.

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I understand this is a bit late but the point of this post is to acknowledge the day. We just wanted to shoot a few facts at you and improve the negative and horrible attitudes, stereotypes and mentality people today hold for women. We have taken inspiration and support the official: . This year they are encouraging effective action for recognizing and advancing women with #MakeItHappen and #PaintItPurple campaigns. So we want all our readers to get involed! head over to their site above and get involved!!

We have compiled a few facts and quotes that inspired us, that maybe you can consider supporting, let’s make change together!

1. A woman is the core to this world, she brought you into this world, suffered and strained, but never complained. Pregnancy is 9 long months and no pain can compare. God gave women a very important role in this world, to bring life, to bring the next generation. He made a woman strong enough, respect that.

2. In many cultures and countries female babies are still killed at birth, but I never understood the logic behind that? That child came from a woman, never mind the fact she is a human, you are killing chances of a next generation. We need to stop this, one of the most famous charities that helps prevent this along with forced marriages today is Karma Nirvana. There is loads of ways you can get involved from donating to getting involved in their campaigns and volunteering.

3. There are many successful women in this world; Marilyn Monroe, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce Knowles,Sheikha Meyassa Al Thani, heck, every mother is a successful woman! What do all these have in common? They are all shining examples of how women should aspire to be more, not equal to men, aspire to be more!! Reference for the above taken from: Forbes 100 powerful women, worth a read!

A quick short article, but its a start, a start of our campaign for women! Share your storys #MyDxbBlog , Take a selfie and get involved in the IWD campaigns, #InternationalsWomensDay … Change one thing n your life and show the women in your life and around you your change!! INSPIRE THE WORLD 🙂

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