Sep 22, 2014
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iPILOT Dubai Mall – Flight Simulator Review

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We were fortunate enough to send our review team over to the Dubai mall for an exciting journey last week! A journey far up in the sky, flying up high above those clouds…. You may or may not have guessed it but yes… We went to iPILOT, Dubai Mall! Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna Humlová Marketing Manager iPILOT, Our Pilot trainer Mr Jacek Maciejewski and the iPILOT team for inviting us for the review and giving us an exceptional experience!
So here is our review… Exclusively for our readers…

iPILOT dubai Flight Simulator Experience

Inside Ipilot Flight Simulator

Company Background

iPILOT first came about in 2009 by a German amateur pilot; “Wolfram Schleuter”, his background was in events and tourism in the UK and Germany, Wolfram’s gave birth to iPILOT as a result of his hobby and business experience! He was an entrepreneur with a dream up and amongst the skies! With branches all over, he Dubai Mall iPILOT opened in 2012 and attracts many general public customers, as well as training current or upcoming pilots on a daily basis!
The simulators at iPILOT allow a range of ages to fly a plane with real apparatus and a life like cockpit. It is suitable for anyone above the age of six years old, so those children who dream of being a pilot at the age of 7 or 8, can get a real life experience before even entering big school! By having these simulators in malls and recreational areas, iPILOT is reaching out to people with dreams, people who want to experience flying a plane but may not be able to spend thousands on Aviation College, or those who use interactive simulators like Microsoft FSX or Flight Gear or simply people who want to have some fun!

Our experience

The location was pretty simple to find, it is inside the SEGA games complex opposite the food court. If you are coming via metro, you’re on the right floor and need to follow direction for the SEGA complex or REEL cinema! However if you are driving or using the main entrance you will need to go to the Top floor and follow signs for the Sega games complex or reel cinema. As you go into the complex, you walk straight and then it will be on your right! We had no issues finishing it from either entrance. The gaming area of Dubai, is the heart of the mall, with the food court opposite and the cinema just as you exit, and games and a play area for the little ones all around.

Ipilot dubai mall

Ipilot Flight Simulator Dubai Mall

Upon arrival we were greeted by the iPILOT staff and Manager Mr. Jacek Maciejewski, and we basically got stuck right in! The simulator or is based on a real Boeing 737. We were given of background about the staff and happenings which we found very informational and re-assuring! All staff who manage the experience are licensed pilots, so you can trust you are getting the real deal experience with real knowledge! (We were very confident about this because Jacek seemed so energetic and passionate about the experience and teaching us!). He also explained how the simulator is often used by trainee pilots who have just finished Aviation College and are wanting real experience and practice. However, 80% of the customers iPILOT brings in are normal people like you and me who just want to have fun! A lot of the customers are people who are doing something like this for the first time via gift cards, they make a perfect gift for almost any occasion, without the huge expense.
Ipilot dubai simulator cockpit

Ipilot Flight Simulator Cockpit

The first glance at the simulator and how real it is was mind blowing and a lot to take in. Although the location at first glance seems like a “box shop”, it was amazing how it all fitted together and the little make-shift cock pit at the back of this “box shop” gives you an experience of a life time! When those glass doors closed, all the different controls and lights on the cockpit were being set up, the journey really started to kick off! We were the first ones there, we decided to take an early morning flight to ensure a smooth day and to rid the jet lag easier!
As the training and experience progressed out we learnt more about the controls and how a real plane works, how pilots deal with certain situations and we even got to choose which airports we flew from! We flew from Heathrow, Dubai and even tried an old flight pilots used to do from Hong Kong Airport with real weather conditions in all airports! Jacek explained everything as we went along, from the speed to the engine power, how to use Comms & Nav equipment, throttle quadrants and how real pilots use auto pilot and how to take off, land and how to maintain a smooth flight in all types of weather conditions!
iPILOT dubai mall Flight Simulator Experience

iPILOT Flight Simulator Screen

We would advise you all to try it out, it is an experience of a lifetime and gives you a great insight into flying and how planes operate. So next time you are flying, you know what the pilot goes through and who knows, the skills you learn may come in handy one day! iPILOT also offers all sorts of packages and gift cards, with a 15minute session starting from as little as 348 AED, you are getting the real deal, with a real price! The staff are friendly and we didn’t feel at all shy or awkward to ask any questions!

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iPILOT Dubai cockpit - fly real planes in virtual environment using iPILOT simulator iPILOT Dubai cockpit - fly real planes in virtual environment using iPILOT simulator iPILOT Dubai cockpit - fly real planes in virtual environment using iPILOT simulator iPILOT Dubai simulator Passenger seats iPILOT Dubai cockpit - fly real planes in virtual environment using iPILOT simulator Virtual view of Dubai from cockpit iPILOT Dubai cockpit - fly real planes in virtual environment using iPILOT simulator iPILOT dubai - Pilot instructor Jacek Maciejewski Maddy from DxbBlog team After flight Kj from DxbBlog team after flight Landing at Heathrow airport Maddy from DxbBlog team during flight


Overall the experience we had at iPILOT was amazing and something everybody should experience at least once in their life. It was exactly the same as flying a real plane in the air. Though we have tried flying planes using simulators on the computer using Flight Gear, Operating all the equipment in a real cockpit with a virtual environment was a unique experience. Staff at iPILOT are also very friendly and welcoming. Learning about different aspects of flying while sitting with a licensed pilot and a real flight instructor is an amazing experience itself. We would highly recommend our readers to do avail this amazing opportunity iPILOT is offering to you. You can also take your loved ones on their special days, it’s a great treat!
You can find iPILOT simulator in Dubai Mall and Mirdiff City center for more information you can visit their website or you can also find their Facebook fan page here.

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