Nov 11, 2013
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Jebel Ali free zone Authority (JAFZA)

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Jebel Ali free zone Authority (JAFZA) is one of the world’s largest man made port and allows you to “Connect, Network and Operate”. You can connect by sea (Co-located with the world’s largest man made port.) This has the capacity of 15million containers on an annual basis, 170 shipping lines making sea transactions easy for you. You can also fly away with the 8th world’s largest cargo airport minutes away, with the capacity of 2.7million metric tons. Something that is up their sleeve is the Al Makhtoum airport which is connected to the Jebel Ali Port with a single customs bonded corridor, this airport is deemed to become one of the world’s largest cargo airports too!  Finally, bringing you back down to land, there is the metro close by and there have been plans put for rail to link to Saudi Arabia and The West of Oman, making the Middle East more connectable for your transactions. Next, let’s connect! There are over 1700 companies already within JAFZA, giving you the opportunity to communicate with others in our industry and by joining JAFZA, because it is a more specialized free zone, you can obtain the success you need around the people who are working on similar platforms as you, some may see this as competition, others as a great way to build a society that helps each other! Finally the important one, OPERATE! When coming to Dubai most people get put off will all the visas, submissions, IDs and all that jazz, but in JAFZA, why do you need to stress and go all over Jebel Ali to get it done? Let the experts do it all under one hub for you! There’s everything from customs and health to land department and the courts, police and Fire department, all under one roof for YOUR convenience.
The free zone was designed especially for manufacturing and trading clients, in a very unique way to provide you with all you need to comfortably run your 100% foreign ownership company. They facilitate to land plots, show rooms, warehouses, offices, business parks and On-site Residency to give you everything at your doorstep!
Moving on to what they offer, JAFZA offers a free zone company, establishment or Branch of company. You will be given full support from first contact to the handing of the license and documents, if you are not sure which one suits your company the JAFZA staff are trained to help you choose something to fit your needs. They offer licenses in Trading, Service and Industrial sectors.
So how much is this going to cost you? There are four levels of payments in JAFZA; Registration (One-Off), Product, Security deposit and your License fee. The registration fee ranges from 5,000-15,000 depending on which of the above you choose to register, the product fee will depend on what you require and choose, this is things like your rent for infrastructure, lands and lighting etc. Then you have your license fee, again ranging from 5,500AED-9000AED depending on which you require. Finally your security deposit is all other costs.
So if you are n service, trade or industrial and you want to be specifically in your field and have everything you need under one cap, JAFZA is for you!

You can visit JAFZA website for more information or speak to one of our expert, We provide free initial consultation to our visitors please contact us today to discuss your business by clicking  here.
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