Jan 6, 2020
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Shamal Communications joins leading global PR network ECCO

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Shamal to provide support and counsel for brands entering the UAE and wider Gulf regional markets amidst US, China and EU trade tensions and the impending Brexit   

Shamal Communications, an independent, full service, public relations consultancy based in Dubai, has joined ECCO International Communications, a leading global public relations and marketing services network. 

London headquartered ECCO, has 32 independent, owner-managed agencies spread across more than 40 countries worldwide in continents including Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. With representatives in key global markets, both ECCO and Shamal believe that the association has major benefits for both parties.

james lakie general manager shamal communications
james lakie general manager shamal communications

Christian Kollman, Chairman of ECCO commented: “Shamal’s strategic location in Dubai, which is the commercial and media hub for the Gulf region is ideal, especially for our members with clients looking to enter these dynamic emerging markets. Indeed, by extending our reach to the Gulf, we have the potential to offer new business opportunities to every agency in our network.”

Christian Kollmann Chairman of ECCO
Christian Kollmann Chairman of ECCO

“Also, the timing couldn’t be better. Many companies are looking for new markets, especially with the ongoing US trade tensions with China, France, Germany and the rest of the EU, not to mention the potential disruption that Brexit could cause,” he added. 

Established in 2004, by co-founders and managing partners Steven Jones and Nathalie Visele, Shamal is a bespoke boutique agency with a strong English and Arabic media presence. Shamal manages an extensive client portfolio across hospitality and tourism, real estate, pharmaceuticals, facilities management, leisure, retail, energy and sustainability sectors. 

James Lakie, General Manager, Shamal Communications, said: “We had been reviewing a number of different networks for a while, but what struck us most about ECCO was their vision and mission, which are in line with our own philosophy of how a progressive and inclusive global network should operate.

“Joining a large organisation with an excellent reputation will also provide our clients with direct support in some of the largest and most diverse markets around the world, helping them to improve their brand awareness and reputation overseas.

“ECCO also organises regular training courses as well as two international conferences a year, which offers Shamal two distinct advantages. Firstly, we’ll be at the cutting edge of the latest industry trends and international best practice. And secondly, we will be able to network face-to-face with our associates from around the world identifying market opportunities,” added Lakie.

About Shamal Communications

Established in 2004, Shamal Communications is a leading independent, full service public relations consultancy based in Dubai. We effectively manage market perceptions by working hand-in-hand with our clients to build a positive, informed opinion among their target audiences.

SC delivers strategic, focused, creative and cost-effective English-Arabic communications solutions that enable our clients to successfully position their businesses and brands. Our work helps enhance their visibility in an increasingly crowded and highly competitive commercial environment.

SC works across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, with media reach in the GCC and the wider region, as well as offering international exposure by way of its global network of partner agencies
For more information please visit www.shamalcomss.com

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