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How to Travel Dubai – in Style!

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There are all sorts of ways to get around Dubai city centre. From public transport to travelling in style – we listed them all here, in one handy place. So are you a bus goer or a classic car driver? Let’s find out, with our guide to traveling Dubai – in style!

Dubai: How to Get Around the City

So if you are spending any time in Dubai you need to know how to go about getting about – the city, that is! If you are stuck for transport options in Dubai then you have arrived in the right place… we know all about transport in the city. Whether you want to get the best price for car hire, or whether you want luxury car rental in Dubai – we have all the best rates, insider knowledge, and top tips to get you on your way!

Public Transportation in Dubai

So before we delve into the myriad of ways you can hire a vehicle in Dubai, let’s look at your options for public transport. Contrary to popular belief; the prices for public transport in Dubai are not as high as you would think. You have different options for travelling the city with others. You can go by metro, tram, bus, or by waterbus. What you need to know about Dubai public transport is as follows:

  • The NOL Card is the payment method of choice for transportation in Dubai. The city is divided into 7 transport zones. If you cross one you are charged once, two; twice, and so on. The more zones you cross the more you will be charged.
  •  Children under the age of 5 travel free.
  • NOL Cards of varying colours are issued to residents. Tourists might do better with the 10 trips, or 5 day passes, provided on a Red Ticket, instead. You can pick up either your NOL card or your Red Ticket by following this link.
  • The fare will be taken off at the end of a journey. To do this you need to tap your card on one of the portals located at the doors of Dubai trams, buses, Metro, and waterbuses.
  • Pricing is in three tiers, all of which are reasonably cheap. Tier one covers travel within a single zone, tier two covers travel that starts in one zone and ends in an adjacent zone, and tier 3 is traveling across more than two zones.
  • You can read more detailed public transport information via Dubai Online

As much as public transport offers the ideal option for the backpacker on a budget – it isn’t ideal for those that want to travel in style. Don’t panic! Dubai offers multiple options in car hire; from cheap and cheerful, to high-end opulence!

Cheap Car Hire in Dubai

You can get car rental from the moment you touch down in Dubai, or you can hire a taxi to get you around town. When it comes to taxi deals, there are all sorts of firms… from the basic to the luxurious.

Cheap Dubai Taxis

Tips for getting a cheap Dubai taxi include:

  • Making sure the meter is turned on, if there is no meter – then don’t accept the ride.
  • Avoid anyone who approaches you offering a cheap taxi; taxis in Dubai are clearly marked.
  • All services are generally cheap. If the rate seems a little high you are probably being ripped off.
  • Check your rates against this guide. If they are a little higher you are OK. If they are much, much higher then you are being ripped off.
  • Pink roofed taxis are driven by women and are completely safe for ladies to use without feeling uncomfortable.

Luxury Dubai Taxis? 

What if you want your own driver but you still need to arrive in style? There are luxury firms you can also choose from.  We would recommend that you try searching for ‘luxury car hire’, ‘Chauffeur Service’, or ‘luxury hire car with driver’ in Dubai for the best range of results. Some key things to remember are that these services are supposed to be impeccable. If the website for the firm you are thinking of hiring is not similarly impeccable then we would recommend that you look elsewhere.

Cheap Rental Cars in Dubai

It is a very similar story with cheap car rental in Dubai. You can usually find this advertised in relation to the airport that you arrive at. You can usually find cheap car rental at the airports themselves, usually in booths at the entrance or outside the terminals themselves. If you would like to compare quotes before you go (which may be the cheaper option) then you should check out this page, from Skyscanner.

Luxury Car Rental in Dubai

Luxury car rental is a different story. When you hire a luxury car in Dubai you can be sure of a full range of options, colours, speeds and brands. Whether you are looking to hire a classical Mercedes Benz or whether you want to rent a Lamborghini while in Dubai – the world is your oyster!  This is the city of opulence and wealth – and you can find any type of supercar you want to drive in this delightful city… all you need to do is ask!

What about Boats?

The traditional Dhow boat is one of the more authentic ways to get around Dubai, and you can also get the waterbus or the ferry. The city is perched on its own creek and has a large marina area. Some of the streets are referred to as the ‘liquid streets’ since they remind one of the canals of Venice. If this is how you want to travel then you can find out more about it by visiting Go Dubai, here.

Why Not Fly?

We don’t mean hiring your own private jet, but helicopter tours of our fine city are available all year round. Why not take to the air to travel around Dubai? The magic and beauty of our skyline is something you can only truly appreciate by air… if you can afford it. Check out the Helicopter Services for hire found on Trip Advisor for more information on flying around Dubai.

Dubai: City of Dreams

Regardless of how you choose to travel around Dubai – this is one city you won’t soon forget. Our breath-taking scenery and stunning luxury will leave an imprint in any mind. Why not complement it with a little luxury of your own, and hire a car that speaks volumes on your behalf.

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