Oct 20, 2017
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Dubai Fitness Challenge! #30×30

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So, as the hype is hiring off from radio channels, Facebook pages and free events, the Dubai fitness challenge has finally arrived! The initiative by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, (Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council for Dubai Government) has officially begun today, so we wanted to give you guys some ideas for your 30×30 (30Minutes for 30days).

Firstly, a bit about the event;

  • You can download an app from the official Dubai Fitness Challenge site. This will help you keep track of your progress and updated on the events around the city for the 30days! You can also get special discounts and E-vouchers to use around the city, so definitely jump on that band wagon!
  • The challenge ends on the 18th November (But nobody says you can’t continue further!)
  • As mentioned in the first point there will be city wide events, 75 pop facilities and 88 partners in the sporting and fitness industry backing the event. The weekends will have lots of family friendly events with carnivals and activities for all ages, so don’t be afraid to get the kids out and involved!
Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai Fitness Challenge

This is an excellent initiative by the city and to be quite honest, from across the globe, as I am in the UK for a while, I will be joining in and Kj (In Dubai) will also be taking part, so even if you are not in Dubai, why not jump aboard?

So thats the details out the way, now what does exercise entail? What actually counts for a 30 by 30 work out? Heres a few ideas!

  1. A 30 minute run; Whether it is with your local running club, alone, with friends or a partner, a 30 mount run around your local track or park is a great way to get started and motivated!
  2. 30 minute work out at the gym; So if you like to be a bit more creative and do more than just running, why not head to the gym? Choose a few areas to work on and have a set 30minute work out. You could change a few things daily to keep you motivated, but lay down some goals you hope to achieve.
  3. A game of football in the park with friends; So this may go on for longer than 30minutes but it surely won’t be less. Call up a group of friends and have a match! Now, most people I know will probably go out for a binge of fast food or  a drink after a kick about in the park, try to avoid that, maybe go after lunch on the weekend or have a light and healthy snack if you feel hungry after?
  4. Home work out: There is absolutely millions of exercises you can do at home these days, from squats to push ups, sit ups, burpees, high knees, etc. There is loads of fitness videos on youtube and even Instagram. I personally like to follow and keep uptodate with an Instagram Personal trainer; KAYLA ITSINES. Her fitness tips and programmes, even her short insta videos are great!
  5. Sports; I know I mentioned football specifically up there but any sports from Karate to Basketball, Rugby, Swimming or a form of dance is counted as exercise! So get your boots, trainers, swimwear or your dancing shoes on… 30mintues, 30 days! #30×30


Radisson Blu Resort swiming pools

Swiming Pools


6. Float UAE; This ones something fairly new to Dubai, it is a great water work out for adults and children, the sessions are usually 40minutes or so, and they are run by a professional personal trainer with lots of experience in fitness and water fitness! FloatUAE is the newest and most exciting way to workout- all on water! This workout is designed to test your core, strength, coordination and balance. This low-impact aquatic exercise combines dynamic flowing movements with high intensity exercise. The resistance of the water aids the strengthening of muscles as well as providing a stress relieving atmosphere.

Float UAE

Float UAE

7. Weekend Carnivals; From Burj park to Kite Beach and Skydive Dubai, each weekend in these 30days has something fun for everyone! For example; Next weekend @ Kite Beach there will be Core training classes, Dance fitness classes, Dj openings, High intensity work-out classes, Beginners Yoga, Body Jam and SO MUCH MORE, you can check out all the events and other weekend carnivals on the official site; Dubai 30×30.


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I hope you will benefit from my ideas and we will try and review some of the events or keep you updated on how we are getting on on our Instagram and Facebook Channels!

NOTE: As much as this challenge is important to keep health and fit, it is also important to consider your safety in terms of diet and mental health. Don’t push yourself too hard and make sure you are eating and drinking healthily too! We look forward to seeing all your #30×30 posts, pictures and videos!


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