Mar 9, 2017
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How you can start your own blog in Dubai!

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Hey guys! I have been asked many times by my readers to write about this topic; how one can start their own blog. So I decided to start this series where I will share my tips with you guys on how to start a blog. I will also share with you my experience of blogging. I have been running and managing a couple of successful blogs which made a couple of millions in revenue over past few years. So here goes..

Setting up your blog

This is the easiest part, however it can be a little stressful, especially if you have no experience with websites and web servers.. But you don’t have to worry as I will explain everything in this series by writing about these topics step by step for you guys!
So in our first phase we will breakdown everything again into small steps.

How to Make your blog Successful

Once your blog is setup, The very next step is to make it a successful blog. There is a difference between managing  a successful and just any other blog. You will find hundreds of blogs where people write on daily and weekly basis but still they don’t see much success, because they have started the blog but don’t know how to do it the right way.  I will also talk about;

  • How to do on-Page SEO
  • How to write content
  • How to integrate social media with your blog
  • How to promote your content
  • How to approach sponsors
  • How to monetize your blog
How to start your own blog in Dubai

Learn how to start your own blog in Dubai Founder

Why you should start a blog

Blogging is first and foremost about  passion, what you  love to do, something you  have experience in and love to share/Talk about. For example, personally, when I started my own first blog I always loved what I was doing (CPA Marketing), always wanted to discuss my ideas, experience in my field and wanted to learn more about it. So I started writing about my experiences. All the successful bloggers I have met so far have one thing in common and that is they are passionate about what they blog about, it’s really important.
I have also started many other blogs, some about the stuff i really loved to do and others just for the purpose of increasing my income form blogging. Blogs where I had my interests have always proven to be more successful and those blogs which i just created for earning money and make some extra bucks always failed, even some of them were making me £3000 +/ Month  but still i couldn’t manage to keep up just because those blogs were not matching my interest.  So, here is my first tip; create a blog about something which you love to do instead of some boring topic which you will get fed up after a while.
No matter where I go I always recommend people to learn about blogging and encourage the to start their own blog. Blogging also helps you in your personal and professional growth. I have seen blogging help many people to get higher jobs in their industries, Many professionals ( Doctors, Beauticians, Photographers, Bankers, Accountants, Students)  land their dream jobs just because they shared their passion about what they do. In the same way I have seen many bloggers becoming the influencers in their niches and  being invited as guest speakers to share their knowledge about other professionals in their fields.
Blogging can also help you with your connections in life, as it helps you make new connections, Learn about new topics, new people and socialize with other people. In some parts of the world, it is all about who you know.
Blogging can also generate a great amount of money for you if you are able to do it right. In my experience and knowledge, bloggers in Dubai, the majority of them, are just for names sakes. They don’t have any traffic or any value for the sponsors / Businesses to take them seriously. However there is a small proportion who are earning big amounts in advertising revenues as well as by partnering up with a different brands. These ar the successful ones!
So are you ready to start your blogging career ? In my Next Article I will explain to to setup your hosting for your blog { Click here to learn how to setup hosting for your blog}. Meanwhile let me know your thoughts about this articles by making comments below!

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