Apr 27, 2016
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ING Creatives Festival 2016: Let Out Your Creative Side!

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Commencing this Thursday 28th April, 2016 and lasting till Saturday 30th April is the ING Creative Festival 2016. ING is a not-for-profit Dubai based creative community which hosts an annual 3 day conference which features a number of speakers, exhibitions, conferences and workshops. This year, the conference is being held at Dubai Design District (D3).
The Festival will be attended by professionals, regional as well as international, hailing from varying positions as well as specializations in the creative industry. They will be there to attend as well as speak out at a series of talks, workshops and seminars.

ING Creative Festival 2016

ING Creative Festival 2016

ING boasts of a line up of 20+ internationally acclaimed designers and artists which includes NASA’s David Delgado along with designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman. They will host some talks and workshops at the festival relating their field of work and share their experience with the audience.
All the professionals as well as aspiring artists in the creative field will get a chance to book their slots with leading senior creative from some of the major local agencies such as JWT, Leo Burnett and Landor so as to give them a chance to polish their Skill Sets and also receive some very constructive and useful feedback during the one-on-one Portfolio Review sessions. These sessions can be a major boon for those who wish to better their skills and learn from the industry experts themselves. It is a truly amazing opportunity, especially for those who have recently stepped into the field, to get some much needed direction from experts.
There is an impressive line up of international artists coming from across the globe such as Europe, Australia, and South America etc. Organizers are expecting a turnout of 2,500 attendees at the 3-day event. ING, since their first Festival back in March 2015, have increased not just the creative community but also the sheer size of their programs. The event is now being carried out on a huge scale, especially as it will have turn out in greater numbers than the last time.
Apart from talks by some of the most prominent figures in the field, the Festival also includes some very useful workshops being conducted by experts. Book Binding by Jiani Lu, Character Animation by Emanuele Colombo, Responsive Design by Vitaly Friedman, 3D Design and 3D Printing by Paul Sohi and Branding for Startups by Mark Brooks. For the Arabic script enthusiasts, there are a few interesting workshops like Arabic Calligraphy by Majid Alyousef and Arabic Logotype Design by Wissam Shawkat. There are many more workshops to look forward to. You can log on to their site http://www.ingcreatives.com/ and read all about the upcoming workshops.
The first early bird attendees (200) will be able to avail the discounts on the tickets as they will be available for AED 580 only. Regular tickets are priced at AED 716

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