Nov 2, 2016
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Job Hunting Our top tips!

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This is something we have been requested to do for a while now, and whilst these are only my top tips for job hunting, I won’t tell you these tips will magically land you 100 job offers, ultimately it is upon your skills and effort! Dubai is a city that is forever committing to employment and has an outburst of opportunities if you are looking in the right places, have the right skills and yes we all know… Know the right people. So here are my top tips for job hunting in Dubai!

1.What is unique about YOU?

Whether it is how you present your skills, how you make your CV (Video, paper, online, etc) or what you have that the other people that have applied don’t. This may seem obvious but many people forget that your individuality is what could be the difference between getting that job, and being on the “Maybe” List. Even if it is not directly relevant to the career you are applying into, pop it on or in your CV, you never know how it may help! For example, if you are an accountant applying for a junior role, and you have worked in lots of fashion events, as a hobby? The skills you learnt in those events can be referred to as “People skills”, you dealt with people in an event and may posses a high level of interpersonal skills? Who knew fashion and finance would clash? Don’t overlook any of your skills, you never know how they can intertwine.

2.Don’t Over sell yourself

Although it is important to get all your skills and highlight what makes you different, don’t bore your potential employers with your skills, you don’t want to seem too eager, but don’t just list the basics. Keep a healthy balance between too little and too much. Depending on the job you are applying for, you can judge for yourself what this is and how to reach it.

3. Arrange to meet your potential Employer/Take an Interest

If you are applying, or have applied somewhere, why not arrange to meet the CEO or a manager? Take an interest in the media or everyday happenings at the company. Companies love it when their prospective employers take an interest prior to even being interviewed. It shows not only initiative but your passion for your specific industry or company. I have seen many people approach the CEO, and that little extra knowledge about the company, and that the company has about them has done the world of good and landed them great jobs! Even if its not somewhere you are considering, maybe check out the competition?

4. Be presentable

By this I don’t just mean your appearance. Your CV, Your mannerisms, and of course the way you dress and act. Make sure your CV isn’t hard to understand or jibber jabber. Make sure you are well informed about the mannerisms of your industry, for example corporate jobs may require a higher level of professionalism then say jobs in bars or fun environments? Also make sure you are dressed for the occasion, of course! Some companies may specify smart attire or smart/casual, some may not. The general consensus for interviews is smart, but this may not be necessary for certain jobs. Make sure you are well informed before you interview for the job!

5.Surprise yourself

Sometimes certain qualifications, experience and personal specifications are flexible to different career paths, you may think you want to do one thing but it won’t harm to try something else? Be open minded when applying for jobs, why not try abroad or in a different sector to your chosen path? If your circumstances permit, the world is your sea and there is PLENTY of fish… You just need to keep an open mind and make sure you have the experience, or skills the job requires, or maybe apply for a junior position and learn some new skills?

This was a quick shot e-mail as a shout out to the request we’ve had! I wish you all the very best in job hunting, applying and so on!

6. Patience is the key

This applies to so much more than just job hunting, but don’t expect responses the next day or in some cases next week, getting the right candidate takes time and careful consideration. Not to mention companies plough through hundreds of CVs and applications these days! So sit back and maybe find a small project or hobby to work on whilst you wait, or applying to more can’t hurt? Just don’t crazy apply to the extent you forget where and whom with you have…. OVER applying is a thing!


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