Aug 25, 2016
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My Favourite Malls in Dubai!

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Mall of the Emirates is the first Shopping mall in the middle east with indoor ski resort. From the expensive and most popular Dubai Mall, to the more chic and local Midriff City Centre mall to the common Deira City centre mall in the heart of Dubai’s history.. You will never be short of a mall to explore wherever you are in Dubai! There’s the city centre malls by Majid Al Futtaim Properties and then theres the smaller (By comparison to each other) ones. Most malls have standard shops, from clothes to shoes to make-up, games, electronics, books, and all malls have at least ONE food court if not more! So here’s our top 3 favourite Malls!


Mirdiff City centre!

Mirdiff City centre! 
We love this local mall, for all its quirkiness! The mall is located in the residential area of Midriff, and has over 300 stores, two food courts and many cafes and food stalls! Mirdiff has everything from clothes to technology to cosmetics, home stores,  salons, tailors, children play areas and restaurants! It is a large mall that has recently has a few refurbishments and over the course of the year Mirdiff hosts different events, showcases different promotions and festivals; the light garden, christmas gardens, car promotions and much more! There is also a VOX cinema, with 10 screens, VOX gold and the 4DX experience! Mirdiff is a calm mall that attracts mostly local residents but enjoyed by many others living and visiting Dubai! A few of our favourite restaurants in Mirdiff are; Al forno, Leila, and PF changs. We also recommend Pinkberry, Pauls coffee and there’s all the fast food you could ever want in the food court! It’s definitely our favourite! The only downside to Mirdiff is if you don’t live locally or don’t drive, there isn’t a direct metro link. However, you can go to Rashidya metro station (On the red line) and get a bus directly to the mall, or grab a taxi!


Dubai Mall Waterfall

Dubai Mall Waterfall

Dubai Mall
For all its busyness, mayhem and the size of it, we do love this mall almost as much as mirdiff. With it being the biggest mall, it takes planning and decisions, but when you know what you want to do there, its all worth it! Although.. It is a great place to explore if you’re a fresher in Dubai, put aside a few hours to fully feel it! Dubai mall has well over 1100 stores, surrounded by hotels and located on sheikh zayed road, what more could you want? With everything you could ever want from high street to designer, home and cute little tea cafes, Dubai mall is a MUST VISIT, and for the locals, a once in a month trip usually! For the kids theres the rainforest cafe, SEGA republic, KidZania and The emirates A380 experience for the older ones! There’s every cuisine you could ever want, including all the fast food chains and some wonderful desert stops! If this wasn’t enough, in the evening every hour, Dubai mall hosts the Dubai fountain show, a fantastic dancing fountain! You have to get there early though, I don’t think theres a time the show isn’t busy or popular! A great spot to watch it is the outside seating of the mango tree restaurant in the Souq across from the mall, enjoy the great thai cuisine while you watch the fantastic show! You can also take a boat across the fountain lake (don’t worry, these don’t run throughout the show!). Alongside the fountains is the iconic Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world)- until somebody declares they’ve made taller! There is also the underwater zoo, and a fantastic ice rink!
The Mall hosts REEL cinemas with 22 screens, 4DX, VOX Gold, and 3D screens, it’s a very busy cinema, but then again.. It’s a very busy mall!
Dubai mall has so much more, we would be here all day if we went on, but we want to give you a snipet of our favourite malls, so lets move on.. for now..
Mercato Mall
This mall is pretty inside and out (Not that the other aren’t). Its design is set in the time of the European renaissance, with a Mediterranean theme from Italy! This mall is a LOT smaller than the other two but it is located in the famous Jumeirah area of Dubai!  There’s fun city for the kids and  a standard VOX cinema, a Spinneys supermarket, fashion, chocolatiers,  and a few technology and home stores! The malls stage hosts many events, festivals and children’s activities. Although Mercato is often seen as a mall for local residents around the area, the unique, charismatic atmosphere attracts tourists from all over! The ambiance is something worth a visit, whether you’re local or visiting!
There is so much in the line of shopping and malls in Dubai that we will surely re-visit the subject matter soon! Do you have a favourite mall? Something sparked your fancy with one of them? Let us know! We love to hear from our readers!

Mercato Mall

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