Aug 21, 2014

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Welcome to Dubai,  we are starting this blog about Dubai and Dubai Life.  Dubai being one the the best cities in the world and one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it is a city everybody wants to know about. So we created this blog so we can share Dubai life with you.. We are a team of two enthusiastic bloggers working towards providing you the best info possible about Dubai and Dubai life and keep you updated with what is happening in Dubai. If you would like to contribute to our blog you are more than welcome to share your Dubai Life experience with our readers. You can use the contact us page on this blog to send us an email and discuss your future post with us .
Dubai is a city that looks different from every eye, from the seven star hotels to the worlds biggest mall and tallest building… To the underwater hotels and beautiful clean white beaches. From culture to class, there is certainly no time to get bored in Dubai.
This blog is one of the first to dedicate it’s sole purpose to the happenings, from fashion to photography, the landscapes to the night life, the gold to the activities. We aim to give you Dubai on one plate, one site, one blog. You may be puzzled as there are many sites you can get all this information, but there is not a single blog that mixes it all up, gives you real daily reviews. One could say time out Dubai is of such nature, but where’s the content? The picture isn’t painted, it’s more of a yellow pages of Dubai, this blog will give you daily reviews of different activities, different aspects and update you on what’s going on.
Going back to the topic of how different Dubai is in each persons eye, it’s not all glamour, there are some things you may be confused or shocked by, others may blow your mind and others may just seem normal, TO YOU…. But to the people in the picture, to the man next door or even the travel agent you booked your flight with, each person will tell a different story of Dubai, away from the 7* madness, there is always something to do in some corner of Dubai…. It’s an everlasting city and we want you to join us on our journey!
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