Jun 17, 2015
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Let’s Welcome Ramadan! Do’s and Don’ts

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So as you all may know, Muslims around the world are preparing for The holy month of Ramadan! It is a month of fasting, charity, and gratitude for Muslims all around the world… A time to reflect and purify our souls. Muslims will fast (abstain from drinking, eating, smoking and such) from sunrise to sunset for 30days.

Here at Dubai blog we will be positing regular updates and posts to welcome the month, sharing tips and posts that are relevant to this Holy Month.

We are starting our Ramadan season with a few Dos and Don’ts if you are in the UAE this Ramadan, these can also apply to others fasting around the world! Some may be particular to Muslims fasting and others may apply to expatriates who may not be fasting but need to respect those that are whilst living in a Islamic country.

Let’s begin with the Don’ts so you know how to avoid offending those that are fasting and the country.

DON’T eat, drink, chew gum or smoke in public.
Although Muslims are fasting, they will most likely still be going about their daily lives, therefore to make their fasting easier and avoid temptations it is not permitted to eat drink or smoke in public during the holy month. Many restaurants will only offer take away during sunrise and sunset hours, and cafés and food that is usually on display will be covered. Eating or drinking in public in this holy month may land you in trouble with the law, so refrain and respect.

DON’T Play loud music
Loud music is also prohibited during the holy month. Whether you are in your car or out on a walk with your headphones, keep it low.
TIP: Try replacing your music with some soothing Quranic verses or nasheeds!

DON’T Sing or Dance in public
There will be no music gigs or such events during Ramadan so there won’t be an opportunity to do this but avoid it personally too, this is seen as disrespectful and could land you in a bit of bother.

DON’T wear inappropriate clothes
Tight or revealing clothes are not appropriate in the Holy month, there are warnings in malls and public places such as the metro usually too, but be extra aware of what you are wearing during this month. We understand that it is hot, but sometimes a long dress or skirt can keep you cooler than exposing your body to the heat, be respectful and follow the UAE laws with EXTRA precaution.

DON’T swear of curse In public
Although this is another regular no no, be extra careful and keep calm. This is another rule you need to be extra careful about as it is seen as insulting in Ramadan.

DO Be kind
Help people and be extra vigilant about your surroundings. Opening a door for somebody, saying thank you or helping somebody take things to their car, small things make the world a better place! Be kind in your words

DO Get involved in charitable events
This holy month is a great opportunity to help those people suffering around the world, there will be no doubt many charitable causes and events collecting and working, get involved!

DO attend a community Iftar
Iftar is when Muslim break their fast (sunset) and it is accustom for Muslims to gather and eat together in a gathering or with the whole family or with friends or the community, there will be lots of opportunities to do so all around! Find your local mosque or Iftar event!

DO Take an interest
Asking how a persons fast is going, keep the conversation short and sweet but showing care and interest, consideration and kindness is always a blessing. However refrain from topics around food and drink in particular.

If you have any more tips or ideas you would like to share please message them in and we can share them on our social media pages!

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