Dec 19, 2019
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The Top 7 Ways to get a Taste of the Luxury Lifestyle of Dubai!

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There are a billion of us around the world who witness the wonderful lifestyle lived by the ultra-rich in modern Dubai – and swoon. A combination of jealousy, intrigue and awe takes hold whenever we see images of the gold-lined city streets, the opulent shopping centres and the extravagant hotels. We imagine a lifestyle we could never possibly afford… or could we? 

Using this short guide you can get a taste of the divine, live out the dream, and indulge in the indulgent; if only just for an afternoon or so. Read on and be dazzled by our top 7 ways you can get a taste of the Dubai luxury lifestyle minus the Dubai luxury price tag. Not only might you get inspired, you could save yourself some serious holiday money in the process!

Luxury Dubai Lifestyles – For Less!

So what are the top 7 ways in which you can experience opulence in Dubai? Let’s find out!

1 – Book a High-End Hotel Room (but just for one night!)

Depending upon your budget, it might be fun to check in to an expensive hotel to be waited on hand-and-foot – but only for a single night. Nobody wants to have to re-mortgage their home for a single vacation, after all. 

At the upper end of the spectrum is the penthouse suite at the Burj Al Arab. This will cost an average of $24,000 for one single night. That joke about the re-mortgage makes more sense now, doesn’t it?  If you don’t want to splash out quite so much, we suggest you check in to the One & Only, The Palm. This place is worth it for the Spa but has an average nightly price per person of £639. 

Atlantis the palm
Atlantis the palm

2 – Go on the Platinum Desert Safari Tour

Get a taste of the luxurious lifestyle the world associates with the UAE by booking the Platinum Desert Safari. This tantalising tour includes a sumptuous 6 course dinner, a 7 hour tour of the desert inclusive of a lake and a wildlife safari, a falconry show and even an exhibit called the Flaming Sands of Arabia Fire Show. All of this you can see from your comfortable luxury off-road Range Rover. Did we mention the Falconry display?

The Platinum Desert Safari Tour is so good that it has earned a place in the Trip Advisor hall of fame. Not only that, but it can be yours for just shy of $500 per person… for 7 hours… or you could pay your rent. Up to you.

Dubai Blog Desert safari
Dubai Blog Desert safari

3 – Dine in Style!

If you want to splash out, but not every night of your holiday, then getting a once-in-a-lifetime luxurious meal at a top restaurant in Dubai is the way to do it. Dubai has some of the most expensive dishes in the world – and they are all available to those that know where to look.

Ossiano is known to be the most expensive restaurant in Dubai. It is truly special though; being physically underneath the water. They boast at being the best Mediterranean restaurant in the whole of Dubai – but the fact that you can find them under the sea is spectacular, regardless of what the food tastes like.

This little piece of luxury will cost you nearly $400 USD per person. Expensive yes, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4 – Rent a Luxury Sports Car 

Whoever said that to taste the luxury lifestyle of Dubai you need to become a classic car owner? Nobody! Most of the more luxurious cars you see driving around the vibrant Dubai streets are rented… and yours could be too! From Bugatti borrowing to the ability to rent Lamborghini  – every option, every supercar, and every combination of stupendously sumptuous mod cons are available to you in vehicular form. 

Want to taste the luxury Dubai lifestyle without going all out and buying into it? Try renting a supercar. It is an experience you will find incredibly difficult to follow.

Lamboorghini at Bab Al Shams Resort Dubai
Lamboorghini at Bab Al Shams Resort Dubai

5 – Relax with a Cocktail

There are some cocktails in Dubai that cost upwards of $3000. The Diamonds are Forever cocktail uses 24K gold flaked liquor to produce one of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world. It gets better; the Skyview Bar produces a Macallan whiskey cocktail served in a solid gold glass that comes in closer to the $4,500 mark… The ice cubes served with it come from Scotland and are produced at the Macallan distillery.

If those seem a little OTT then don’t panic, you can still have a crazily overpriced cocktail on a more meagre budget. You could try the Marsala Baked Pear and Saffron Daiquiri at Frioul at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah for a much cooler $2,000 USD. Easy!

6 – Indulge in an Air Tour

You can tour Dubai in style and see it all from the air with a luxurious sea plane tour. Although less costly than other attractions – somewhere around the $600 mark – this tour from the air gets you up there in sophistication. If you have ever seen the pictures of the 1940’s explorers landing on the water in their seaplanes to go explore then you can picture this type of tour. Certain groups will even through in Ferrari World.

Alpha Helicopter tours Dubai
Alpha Helicopter tours Dubai

7 – Taste the Luxury – Literally!

Rather than splashing out on an expensive meal or going the whole hog with a cocktail – why not try splashing out just a little on a super-expensive ice cream. Scoopi, in Dubai, serve ice cream that contains genuine flakes of 23K gold! Priced at 2,999 AED, the Black Diamond ice cream is served with genuine Madagascar vanilla, gold powder and gold flakes, and is served in a solid gold Versace dish with a real silver spoon. 

Scoopi’s Peanut Butter Ice-Cream
Scoopi’s Peanut Butter Ice-Cream

What better way to round up an opulent trip than with an opulent ice cream? If the Diamond Ice Cream sounds like just the cherry on top for you then check it out, and don’t gasp when the cheque comes.

Rounding Up!

There are a whole range of activities you can do that give you a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle lived in Dubai, without you having to break the bank. A little something luxurious goes a long way, so a simple taste can last you a lifetime. Try our Dubai experiences and let us know which your favourite is!

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