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Best places to spend your summer in Azerbaijan

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Enjoy a memorable summer vacation with Azerbaijan’s greatest attractions

Summer has always been the most interesting season. The season of cheerful spirit and carefree days and the things happening during this season are valuable to remember. That’s why Azerbaijan is your perfect selection.

An Azerbaijani summer vacation will give you and your family choices for a unique experience and essentials that will provide your life with a bit of re-energizing and balance. The country is unique in many ways, it radiates energy and color, and travelers who know this will not hesitate to travel to the country to explore it fully.

There’s increasingly affordable summer holiday packages from the GCC to Azerbaijan by Atlantis Holidays. Packages for wellness, fishing and hunting activities that are fast becoming famous among the GCC nationals.

Imagine yourself at the borders of the Caspian Sea, with superb climate, sublime beaches, megalithic monuments and a distinctively splendid diverse culture that is more like your own. This is Azerbaijan’s charms. Making you feel right at home. From the aspects of its European heritage together with Islamic and Western influences to a variety of excellent endeavors like dance, classical music, much celebrated local Halal cuisine and many stunning attractions.

Gabala mountain Azerbaijan

Gabala mountain Azerbaijan

Starting with Gabala, a town becoming interestingly famous the GCC nationals because of its more tranquil nature, abundance of attractions, well developed infrastructure and a rich, ancient history.  Gabala’s popularity has been so big that travelers can access the town directly from GCC with Fly Dubai. The town is located about 3 hours from the capital Baku, and has a great variety of historical and cultural monuments of different eras. Enough Educational investment for parents travelling with children. Gabala is also known as the Cultural Capital of Azerbaijan. And some other local beauty attractions include the forests, river valleys, waterfall, lakes the famous chestnut forest, numerous picturesque villages like Vyandam, Gyamarvan, Engidzha, and the mountainous village of Laza. The Flora and fauna in Gabala are extraordinarily rich and the abundance of game in the season makes for perfect hunting activities.

Gabala is the best attraction for travelers with families. It has the largest amusement park under the open sky known as Gabaland. Extreme kinds of attractions like the ice arena, carting, sports fields, theatres, convenient parking, great halal food and local cafes are found here.

There are 5 star complexes in Qafqaz and can accommodate up to 1000 guests. There are small family hotels too, health and wellness facilities, several tourist camps and recreation areas where you can comfortably relax in the open air.

For More adventurous journeys you can Travel to Shahdag in Guba Gusar region.

Bridge Gusar Azerbaijan

Bridge Gusar

Shahdag offers opportunities up the excitement quotient for thrill-seeking family members – although parents may prefer to enjoy the gentle luxuries at the region’s largest Summer/Winter Mountain Ski Resort &Spa or Partake in the gentle pampering that involves detox, weight loss and stress relief. In Shahdag you’ll also find ample bike riding, horse riding and hiking opportunities with scenic hiking paths heading into the mountains.

Finally there is the Baku City. The one place you can’t keep away from each time you visit Azerbaijan. The beloved and most attractive city can be reached within two and half hours from Dubai.  Visas are issued on arrival for GCC nationals. And other nationalities can apply for Visa online and get it within 3 working days. The temperature in Baku is currently between 22 and 28 degrees. Baku has a fascinating mixture of the East and the West. It is a Unesco World Heritage city and a treasure trove offering visitors a glimpse of an ancient city with stunning mosques, intricate alleyways, historical architectural buildings, and a modern town with an astounding Boulevard and breathtaking must see attractions. The beaches in Baku are also so good that you will not feel left out. With games like beach volleyball and football making up the activities that make the place the best to hang out at. So take advantage of the numerous packages which include Air tickets, visas, accommodation, airport transfers, all-inclusive meals, free stays for children, discounts on spa treatments and much more.  Explore the land of magic colors this summer, Welcome to Azerbaijan.

Lerik Azerbaijan

Lerik Azerbaijan


Getting to Azerbaijan from the GCC region is very easy. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Baku with direct flights from Dubai by Azerbaijan Airlines AZAL, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways and Jazeera Airways. The Visa procurement is a hassle-free activity, as nationals from UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore can get their visas on arrival in the Azerbaijan. Other nationalities can apply for Visas online in advance of travel, and get the visa within three working days.

Azerbaijan is known in particular for its stunning natural beauty, sublime beaches, Halal food and World Heritage sites. Visitors may relax, rejuvenate and rediscover themselves as they indulge in many other activities when visiting the country.

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