Dec 2, 2018
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MENA based translation company, Torjoman, grows operations by 50%

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Torjoman, the MENA based translations company, which operates offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, has introduced its latest solution as part of its efforts to fully digitise its services. Customers can now enjoy Torjoman’s complete translation services online, through either its website or newly launched app, to do everything from online ordering, requesting a quotation, tracking progress and making payment, besides more. The move is part of a broader trend of the digitisation of information.

“Taking inspiration from the e-commerce industry, which has made shopping possible at the click of a button, we want to bring the same ease of use and purchase to our translation service. Digital transformation is now touching all industries from retail through to healthcare, and it offers great growth opportunities. Last year we grew our operations by 50%, which in large part is thanks to the cutting-edge technology we are implementing to fully digitise our services,” said Ayman Saad, Marketing Manager, Torjoman.

Much of the company’s growth has come from growing demand in UAE and KSA being driven by government, technology, telecommunications and industrial and manufacturing sectors.

“The current updates we are working on, such as the integration between our online portal and our in-house developed Translation Management System (TMS), means users will also have greater ability to automate their workflow, thereby improving efficiency and consistency. Overall it means a greater level of service for our customer base,” Saad added.

Besides the online ordering platform, Torjoman continues to work on developing various technologies from translation memories (TM), which collates translations into a database to aid translators and reduce errors, and cloud-based translation management systems. Most revolutionary of all, however, is the development of neutral machine translations (NMT), which in the future will see artificial intelligence fully responsible for translations.

About Torjoman

Torjoman is a leading global translation agency, employing over 1,000 professional translators who have a command of over 100+ languages. Launched in 1994, Torjoman operates across the MENA region, with offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. ISO 17100 certified, the company prides itself on speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness and is setting a benchmark in digital translation solutions. Torjoman is part of parent company Future Group.

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