Jan 2, 2015
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Ahmed’s Dubai

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We have decided to start interviewing the general public and people to give you Dubai from the people who live here and are always on it! Our first interview is with 23 year old Ahmed, a blooming figure whom we have connected with for a while. Ahmed specializes in a range of things from modelling, to events and he works for a leading telecommunications company here in the UAE! We love Ahmed’s style and take on life, his attitude and randomness will inspire you!



1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your Dubai journey?
My name is Ahmed. Born and bred in the heart of Abu Dhabi city. Since I was a  child I used to visit Dubai frequently, my extended family live there. I still remember being a 5 year old and staring at the ever tall buildings from the back window of the car. I used to think I’m in a Tron movie/video game every time we crossed Shaikh Zayed Road Hahaha đŸ˜›
The day I got my licence the very next day I was in Dubai, even though my father said no driving on the highway for at least 6 months lol
Almost all my day Offs are spend in Dubai, the love for this city grows every day for me.
2. What do you love most about Dubai?
The melting hot weather. I can’t live a day without sunshine. I just adore the weather all year long. You will always find me looking fabulous, cruising around Dubai with windows down, singing my heart out Hahaha !

3. What are your top 5 tips for tourists in Dubai?
1.Don’t just hurdle around malls, Dubai has a lot more to offer.
2.Hire a car/bike and go around Jumerah. It’s right on the shoreline of Dubai, best cafes and restaurants in town. This is where my heart feels the most at joy when in Dubai.
3.Sunblock is essential .
4.Taxi’s can be painfully expensive. The Dubai Tramp and Metro are cheap and gives a beautiful sight of the city.
5. Get engrossed in the culture and local food!
4. A lot of people drift out of Dubai to study or work, what makes you stay?
Initially it was family, but taking mini vacations to different countries really put things into perspective and made me realise there is no place like Dubai. The city is booming with business opportunities so I could never leave and never want to leave.
5. What are your top 5 restaurants in Dubai?
Oh God, I can give you Top 20 without breathing  lol !
There are quite few places that I love visiting often so I will share those.
1.Karak House – Recently opened in Downtown Dubai, it serves the best Karak Tea in town and the fusion of Indian food with Emarati atmosphere/teas  served here is phenomenal.
2. Special Ostadi Restuarent – Bur Dubai.
This place in simple terms is home. Best Persian kebabs with reasonable prices. This vintage mini joint has only one branch because the owner a very old and charming man, adheres  to quality and not quantity. It has been in business for over 35 years !
3.Bait al Bahar – Jumerah 3 – Next to Offshore Sailing Club.
This villa turned into a beach house cafe has a sushi bar, Mazology Lounge on the second floor and causal dining on the ground floor. The sheesha served is quite nice and try the ” Bazookah ” It’s an additional filter added to the hookah. Made of ice so every time you inhale the sheesha, the smoke is ice cold !
Piece of advice, try getting the gallery spot on the first floor. Best view of the arabian sea and sailing club !
4.Salt – Kite Surfers Beach – Jumerah
For all you burger lovers, this food truck is THE perfect spot after a day at the beach. Their Chicken Cheeto sliders are from heavens !
5.Home Bakery – Galleria, Al Wasl Road.
Their sinfully decadent desserts has everyone’s mouth watering ! Follow them on Instagram and find it out yourself. I love taking my cousins from UK here every time they are in Dubai for a visit.
6. What are your top 5 tourist attractions/must go places for our readers who are maybe thinking to visit?
1. Jumierah mosques
No other perfect way of drenching into the emarati culture, almost every block of Jumerah has beautiful islamic architecture mosques. Do pay a visit even non moslims can enter Jumerah mosque In particular. There’s a Tour infact planned by the government for better understanding of Islamic culture and heritage.
2. Dhow/Yacht Tour
3. It’s upto you if you want to slide down the old creek of Dubai in lighted abra boat or relax in one of the most luxurious boats in the posh area of Dubai Marina overlooking the skyline of Dubai.
Both have its own charm.
4.Dubai Mall/Fountains and Downtown Dubai.
You need a day to see this part of Dubai, tastefully structured the Dubai dancing fountains instantly give you love in the air sort feeling. The Dubai Mall, fantasy land for every shopper is one stop solution for all your shopping needs. The Souk Al Bahar just a bridge away from Dubai Mall and gives you true definition of Dubai. Culture, traditions and modernization at its finest best. Abit of a walk and you are are the Main Mohammed bin Rashid boulevard. Epic setting of architecture and fancy restuarents.
Oh, and you can easily take your Burj khalifa selfie from this part of the town đŸ˜›
5.Bab Al Shams Desert resort and Spa.
One of my favourite places to relax. There are quite a lot of desert resorts but this one serves the best quality and arabian hospitality at its best.
7. Any other comments you would like to share?
Follow your heart, eat all what you feel like eating, laugh a lot and keep exploring !
Oh and try dipping Mcdonalds fries in icecream sundae ! Call me crazy but trust me tastes amazing đŸ˜›
So there we have it…. We would love to hear from you, get in touch if you want to tell us about YOUR DUBAI!
#MyDxbBlogDubai or email us in your answers!
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