Mar 23, 2017
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Top reasons why you should move to work in Dubai

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For many years, Dubai has been considered as an ideal job destination for expats. Every year, thousands of ambitious professionals from around the world relocate to work in Dubai. With a great economy as its backbone, tremendous job opportunities, great infrastructure, beautiful commercial structures and awesome places for indulging in recreational activities, this Middle Eastern hub is the perfect example of everything an expat looks for in a destination. That’s precisely why Dubai is also one of the most populated cities in the UAE.

Move and Work in Dubai

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Although every professional has their own reasons for relocating to a new place, there are many reasons which are common amongst all. Outlined below are a few such reasons that apply perfectly to Dubai. Take a look:
1. Employment opportunities:
Dubai is a land of opportunities. Finding a job initially can be a little difficult. However, once you have a job, the city gives you the ultimate freedom to mold your career as per your wishes. Sectors such as oil and gas and construction have always presented great opportunities to job seekers. With the World Expo 2020 approaching, more avenues have opened up. In the last couple of years, the city has experienced increased number of employment opportunities in non-oil sectors such as hospitality, media, tourism, information technology, healthcare etc. Moreover, these sectors are expected to grow further in the future as well.
2. Tax-free income:
In addition to professional benefits such as employment opportunities and good salaries, moving to work in Dubai offers additional financial benefits too. Just think about the salary you earn before any tax deductions in your home country. That’s your take-home salary in Dubai. Saving hard earned money is everybody’s top priority and doing so is possible in the UAE. Expats working in the country are not expected to pay income tax. Although Dubai is an expensive city to live in, good pay packages make up for that. Earning a tax-free income takes a lot of burden off the people. Not only it allows you to save money but also lets you enjoy a better lifestyle which is otherwise very difficult.
3. Location:
Placed right in the middle of Europe and Asia, Dubai is perfect location-wise for expats. The aviation sector in the country is pretty solid and not just in terms of employment opportunities. Major aviation giants have their presence in the country who keeps adding new flights to international destinations on a regular basis. Major destinations such as Sydney, London, New York, Singapore, etc., can all be reached under a day. Not only are the flight tickets cheap, most employers in the country sponsor at least one round trip tickets in a year for employees visiting their native countries.
Dubai is also a perfect place for travel enthusiasts. Amazing destinations such as Phuket, Maldives, Lebanon, Egypt and Kenya are all just a couple of hours away by air and can be covered over weekends.
4. Multi-cultural lifestyle:
The expat community for most nationalities is pretty huge in Dubai. Every year thousands of people from all across the world settle base here. The initial phase of migrating can be difficult but you will never feel alone here. Chances are you might know somebody who is already living in Dubai. Even if you don’t know anybody, making friends won’t be difficult. Your workplace will have many expats with whom you can interact easily. Also, your place of residents will have many expats with whom you can hang out after office hours or on the weekends.
Moreover, Dubai gives you the opportunity to interact and become friends with people from all corners of the world, which is a wonderful experience in itself.
5. Security:
One of the biggest concerns people have while shifting to a new country is security. The laws in the city are very strict and the people are very respectful of each other. Even if you genuinely forget your belongings somewhere, you can hope to find them back. Dubai police are amongst the most feared and respected lot. The crime solve rate in the city is 99.1%. Dubai police are amongst the most feared and respected lot. The police officials take their job very seriously and can be found patrolling at all times keeping criminals at bay.
If you too are looking to shift base to a different country in a few months or in a few years, do consider moving to Dubai. With fantastic career opportunities, a great lifestyle, awesome travel destinations and an impressive infrastructure, Dubai has a lot to offer. You will definitely not regret your decision of moving to this part of the world.
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