Mar 28, 2017
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Experience Centuries of Traditional Heritage at the China Pavilion in Global Village

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Global Village guests can experience one of the most spectacular pavilions in the multi-cultural festival park this season with a visit to the China Pavilion and sample a unique flavour of Chinese architectural heritage.
The stunning façade has been constructed to capture the rich architectural heritage of China’s with a number of   structures. These reflect towers from Guangzhou, the Dinghui Temple and the Pagoda in Suzhou, China.
Visitors will enter through the Guangzhou gate and move their way into a Heritage Square that captures the refreshing springs and rocky peaks of China’s most beautiful National Forests Park, the Fenghuangling Nature Park, also known as Phoenix Mountain.
Inside this simulation park area visitors will find both depictions of and examples of Chinese opera, holy magic lanterns and the traditional Chinese dragon that symbolises power, wisdom, and good fortune.

China Pavilion in Global Village

China Pavilion in Global Village

As they walk through the halls and stalls of the Pavilion, visitors will be immersed in the charming ancient Chinese Architecture of old Beijing. Portraying the typical Beijing ‘hulong’ or city, the pavilion holds traditional ornate architectural designs that are characterised by wood roof structures built on stone.
At the pavilion’s entrance itself, visitors are greeted by hosts dressed in traditional Chinese costumers representing the Han Dynasty style of clothing including an ‘Hanfu’ characterised by a crossing collar (or ‘Jiao Ling’), right lapel and waistband.
As guests stroll down the Pavilion streets they can stop by the special tea stall to sample authentic tea flavours from traditional Chinese teapots.
Flavours include black, white, jasmine and green tea all made in the traditional manner through processing techniques including drying, steaming, or rolling.
Beautiful handmade Chinese teapots are also on sale and are an integral part of Chinese tea culture- the art of drinking tea or ‘chayi’. Each teapot is meant to retain heat and absorbs the tea deep flavours and aromas and you should only use the same pot for each type of tea to maximise the flavour.
China has a global reputation for the quality and expertise of its acrobats who provide daily performances.
They feature the amazing individual and group of acrobats from the  ‘Wuqiao’ county, county of south eastern Hebei province or most commonly known as the  ‘home of Chinese acrobatics’ act in harmonious coordination while they balance, juggle and do gymnastics. The acts include  ‘Hand to hand acrobatics’ (played by a duo of acrobats), ‘Diabolo act’ (or Chinese yo-yo acrobatics) and ‘Chair Stark’.
Zhang Jian, professional acrobat is experiencing his first Global Village season and said: ‘I come from a place where acrobatics is part of our heritage. I have been performing for over 24 years now, with the chance to travel all around the world showcasing the exciting art of Chinese Acrobatics.  However, its is my first time here at Global Village, and I love the fact that I get to perform to people from all around the world under one single roof.’
The China Pavilion captures visitors with its prominent and colourful façade at Global Village and enables guests to discover great treats from fashion accessories and clothes to home décor giving the whole family a chance to shop all night at Global Village.
Global Village will continue to provide a unique shopping, food, and entertainment experiences to its guests every day until April 8, 2017.  Global Village’s opening hours are from 4 pm to 12 am Saturday to Wednesday and from 4 pm to 1 am on Thursdays and Fridays in addition to public holidays.

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