May 3, 2017
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Azerbaijan eyes tourists from the Middle East

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While talking to DxbBlog, At Arabian Travel Market on 24th of April Mr. Aydin Ismiyev the Head of Azerbaijan Tourism & Culture Department shared his Plan about promoting Azerbaijan tourism
“A very important aspect in our tourism vision is to innovate and bring something new, our plan is to bring more tourists from the GCC to Azerbaijan. We have a lot of campaigns that are running in a representative ministry office, just for the GCC in Azerbaijan; Atlantis holiday. They help promote Azerbaijan amongst government, tourists and other organisations. Azerbaijan is now focusing on providing the right facilities for the tourist influx, which will suit Arabic tourists, in terms of hotels and activities and other infrastructural aspects.”
He also expressed the importance of Arabian Travel Market and  UAE for the promotion of Azerbaijan tourism by saying ,
The UAE is very important for us; we are participating in ATM for 13years. In the last 3 years the relationship on different grounds, such as; economical, cultural, tourism and governmental between UAE and Azerbaijan has strengthened. There is a lot of communication that is happening and we are so happy that the increase of the number of travellers from the UAE to Azerbaijan, it is almost a 30% increase every year. It is an important achievement for the government and tourism relationship. Finally, being in the UAE and ATM is one crucial element to this success. We have 8-10 countries at the start but now its more than 50.

Khawar jamil with Mr. Aydin Ismiyev

Khawar Jamil Editor DxbBlog with Mr. Aydin Ismiyev

Keen on increasing the promotion of its stunning attractions to the Arab Market, Azerbaijan for 13th time joined the train of more than 2,800 exhibitors from around the world at this year’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM) event from 24th to 27th April 2017.
Azerbaijan’s tourism and hospitality industry have lately been building momentum. With Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism saying that the overall input of travel and tourism to Azerbaijan’s GDP stands at $1.437 billion or 4.1% of country’s GDP. The Cumulative investment in travel and tourism on the other hand has been forecasted to hit huge grounds in the coming years; with visitor numbers predicted to increase many folds through 2018 and the Hotel occupancy rates to run full capacity this year.
“We are excited about exhibiting again at the Arabian Travel Market this year. The exhibition provides us the ideal chance to demonstrate to the region what Azerbaijan has to offer, both in the business sector and Leisure Market. Our focus is to continue the development of Azerbaijan’s tourism industry. We want to showcase Azerbaijan as the happening destination that offers the best to even the most demanding traveler. We want to ensure that our respective partners, the international travel trade community and potential visitors are equipped with all the necessary first-hand information about why Azerbaijan is the top happening travel destination especially for the Arab Market. We will take the opportunity to Introduce Azerbaijan’s less known but extremely beautiful and prosperous destination, our jewel on the crown -Nakhchivan. It is the ancient region of Azerbaijan admired and viewed by many travelers and poets. However, Nakhchivan’s main attraction is, of course, the therapeutic salt caves of Mount Duzdag located at a height of 1,173m above sea level. Individuals suffering from respiratory disease find great results of treatment procedures here. It is indeed an honor to introduce all these in a rich and compelling setting such as the ATM.” Said Rashid AL Noori, The Chairman, Representative Office of Azerbaijan`s Culture and Tourism Ministry in GCC.
Azerbaijan Stand at Arabian Travel Market 2017

Azerbaijan Stand in Arabian Travel Market 2017

Azerbaijan’s Tourism strategies at the ATM were tailored towards; hosting business conferences (MICE), international sporting events, hotels and attractions, wellness facilities, and regional outbound tour operators, as Middle East travelers are expected to play a pivotal role in the country’s continued tourism success.
So far, the waiver of visa procedures to include online visas and visa on arrival, and the expansion of airline destination offerings to Azerbaijan (with Azerbaijan Airlines, Qatar airways, FlyDubai, Airarabia and Jazeera Airways flying to the country) has given Middle East and East Asia visitors a clear gateway to Azerbaijan.
Although the country faces significant competition by popular regional destinations, Azerbaijan has distinguished itself as an exclusive tourist destination, remaining home to the world’s sole oil field treatment–naphthalene, over 300 mud volcanoes, breathtaking unsullied nature and many cultural, and heritage attractions.

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