Oct 1, 2016

Gitex Shopping- Dxb Blog tips and tricks!

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Some of you may know GITEX is around the corner, employers and companies are hiring temporary staff, students are attending walk-in interviews, adverts are everywhere, there’s even a few flyers about! However, GITEX is a busy busy time for the World Trade Centre, as thousands of vendors, shoppers, staff and retailers get together, all with different goals, shopping needs, and promotion needs.
Gitex is a famous exhibition in the UAE, entered around technology. One can learn about new innovations and whats new in the technology world, you can network with fellow industry associates, Innovate others, GITEX hosts hundreds of entrepreneurs every year! Gitex is also a great earner for students, young sales people, and technology lovers! Companies are continuously hiring part time staff for everything from promotion to selling and leaflet distribution!
So as I said earlier it does get VERY busy, so we have come up with a few tips and tricks to help you navigate, shop and stay safe this fall GITEX!

1.Know the floor plan- Go with a plan!

There are maps everywhere! You can check out whats what online or grab a map before you go in, have an idea of which halls and possibly which stands you want to visit. If you go in clueless, expecting to just “Wander around”, you will soon find yourself either walking in circles or not able to find what you want! Given, there are helpers and people on hand who know the halls well, but sometimes its so hard to hear over the live shows and music!

2.Dress for the occasion- Wear comfy stuff!

Now ladies, no matter how much you love your heels or feel comfortable in them, even if you can walk from the Dubai Mall metro to the mall in them, do NOT wear heels to GITEX. Gents, wear something comfy too! The exhibition is over 30,000 square meters, if you want to find the best deal, or interact with the best people, you are going to want to be able to hover around comfortably! Also dress comfy, wear something that won’t get in the way when you’re rushing around!

3.Have a Gitex buddy! Don’t shop alone!

IF the crowd and the hustle bustle isn’t bad enough, it’s worse ALONE, make sure you have if not a few, ONE friend with you! They can also act as a great escape route when that annoying salesman is trying to convince you to buy something but you know there’s better deals yet to be found! A good idea is to build a code word!

4.Finding an alternative- Don’t worry the malls have your back!

Do you get claustrophobic easily? Don’t fancy the mad rush? Fear not! Most malls will have similar deals to GITEX, as some of them will be exhibiting there, they will match their stores to more or less the same deals, so you can go to a mall at your leisure within GITEX week, and still take advantage of the great techno deals! Although… You may be able to negotiate about freebies and deals better AT GITEX, so if you can… Risk it and jump right in!

5.Don’t be tempted to spend what you don’t have!

GITEX is a time that everyone spurts out because of the GREAT deals, its not not just techno heaven for those tech lovers, but a lot of people will be lured in to buying things they don’t actually need.. but what the hell? Just because it’s a good deal! Don’t be subjected to the “GREAT DEAL” madness, if you don’t need it! That’s why it is important to highlight what you need before you go in! I can remember my first GITEX, I bought a lot of crap I didn’t need, I used a lot of it only a few times… I got what I need, THEN MORE!

6.Children free Zone

If you have been before you will understand this without an explanation, but GITEX is NOT  a place for young children! It’s so busy and pushing a pram around is so much struggle in itself, you won’t get a chance to shop… Also young children may get pushed around a lot (Not violently) but just due to the sheer thousands of people that are around… To my knowledge there has never been any serious incidents at GITEX, people are on the whole quite civil, but it’s not a place you want to take a child.

7.Travel light – Handbags will just get in the way

If you can travel with no bag, GREAT! You will be handed so many leaflets and brochures, you probably will unconsciously accept them, then there’s the sales people who try so had to sell you something, and you take the brochure just to get rid of them! A rucksack is also a good idea, something you can sling on your back and be on your way! I once stayed until the end of GITEX because a friend was working and believe me, the floor is COVERED in leaflets, it’s almost like art? Keep your essentials in pockets, it’s the best policy!
Do you have any GITEX shopper tips? Want to share your previous experience? Send us your pictures or #MyDxbBlogDubai or #MyDxbBlogGitex or #MyDxbBlog and we’ll share them on our page! Happy shopping!!

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