Jul 10, 2017
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Dubai Municipality Squashes Baskin Robbins Rumor: The Truth Revealed!

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Dubai is hot. The sun is almost out there in full force and it is tough for the people out there to have a single moment of respite. So what do most people do?
Well other than seek shelter when the sun is at it’s peak and crank up the AC in their homes and vehicles as low as it can possibly go….they resort to cold deserts.
Among all of the desserts in the desert, one that has always remained a fan favorite is Baskin Robbins. So when an alleged Dubai resident claimed that he had found mould growing on his ice cream, that created quite a stir among all the people on social media.
In this video that had been shared on Facebook, the man also claimed that not only was it the fault of Baskin Robbin, but also the Dubai Municipality was to blame.
This is an allegation that is taken very seriously by the Dubai Municipality and they had launched a very in depth investigation into the matter. Food establishments in Dubai have a very strict rule set that they must abide by and this investigative committee found that this rumor was in fact false.

As stated in their official facebook page, the Dubai Municipality had this statement to make
“Dubai Municipality confirms that it has an integrated system consisting of strict procedures to ensure control of all traded food in the emirate. The Municipality also uses the self-monitoring method on food institutions to ensure full compliance with all specifications and legislations adopted in the country.”
So not only has the Municipality cleared Baskin Robbins from any blame, you can also rest assured that their ice cream is following all the necessary rules and safe to consume. In fact the investigation in which the International Ice Cream giant actively cooperated, has brought to light that the video was taken is some other Gulf country and not in Dubai or UAE.
Along with that, DM had some very strong words for the perpetrator who floated these allegations against them. They have spoken out against the fad of blaming the DM in spite of ‘lack of knowledge’ about the truth of the entire situation. Adding to that they have also said that the Dubai Municipality condemns this vile act of spreading misinformation and tarnishing their good name without any credible sources.
As for all of us we are glad that we can get back to enjoying our cold ice cream and sweet desserts among the melting summer sun. And as for Baskin Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shop restaurants is glad to get their name cleared of this rumor.
They have forever operated under a motto of serving 31 flavours, one for each day of the month, and I am sure that mould isn’t going to make it’s way into that list any time soon! So go ahead fellow residents of Dubai and get your tubs of BK ice cream! They’re completely safe, as they always have been!

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