Nov 4, 2013
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Dubai Airport free zone(DAFZA)

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Dubai Airport free zone (DAFZA) is situated in the area of Al Qusais, in the north east of Dubai. The main aim of entrepreneurship for this Free Zone is cargo, logistics and import/export trade. One of the main benefits of this free zone is it is situated near one of the busiest airports in the world, accessibility of travel is at your doorstep. The Vision, Mission statement and values of the this free zone are of a moral and professional background, they don’t just want to offer you a service or support but also support and offer care and loyalty, they take into account all aspect, a few which are; customers, innovation, teamwork and social responsibility.  DAFZA was voted the best economic free zone in the Middle East, by the financial times group.

So what can the offer you?

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): Min 1 share holder-Max 50 with a minimum share capital of AED/- and each share should be the value of AED 1000/-
  • Branch office of an existing Company: A branch of an existing foreign company may set up a branch in DAFZA with no share capital required.
  • You may also rent out offices and Light Industrial Units in conjunction with the free zone and with offices you can obtain 4 employee visas per office.
  • There are 3 types of licenses DAFZA offer; Trade, Service and Industrial.
  • They also offer support in staff and family sponsorship as well as getting together required documentation (So your head is not all over the place)

The four steps to get your license and start operating in Dubai.

Dubai in general has a very supportive nature in such matters, obviously every country wants more international and variety of business investments, but Dubai offer support and care to their customers like nowhere else. Their hospitality and support is incredible, you won’t be disappointed.  SO how to go about it?

  1. Complete the online application and submit the required documents for approval (which should take 7-10 working days): Please keep an eye out for the Islamic calendar, as Dubai is an Islamic country, they have some holiday you may not be aware of.
  2. Lease agreement and allocation of facilities will be given with an invoice.
  3. After all payments are cleared and sorted, you are then asked to go to lease and licensing to submit required documents and interior design to finish off your office design and layout as per your wishes.
  4. The final step is the issuing of the license.

You can visit DAFZ  website for more information or speak to one of our expert, We provide free initial consultation to our visitors please contact us today to discuss your business by clicking  here

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