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Na3Na3 Restaurant – The Address Dubai Mall Review

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This week we were invited for a review Na3Na3 ’s Lebanese night! (Every Friday from 7 PM to 11:30 PM) Now, I have been to the restaurant before as a guest, but this was a special invitation and a themed night! So I wanted to share my experience! So, let’s get stuck in! A big shout out and thanks to the wonderful PR team at The Address Dubai Mall!


The restaurant is located in The Adress Dubai Mall Hotel, The Address Dubai Mall is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai. It is also accessible through Bloomingdales on the Ground floor of Dubai mall. We arrived at the main reception of the Hotel and walked past the Dubai Mall escalator entrance, just before Bloomingdales! The restaurant has a small cake and sweet station where you can get custom made cakes and sweets! There were some great superhero and mickey mouse ones on show, that’s why I remember this! The pros of the location are privacy, easy access and they have an outside area for sheesha smokers or cooler temperatures. The con was that it feels a bit secluded (I love central restaurants personally.)


The Overall ambience of the restaurant was peaceful, welcoming and sleek. The décor was quite minimal. The Table arrangement was a little different, as there seemed to be two parts, tables at the front of the restaurant, and then a grand hall type area after the buffet. The restaurant itself is private, there are partition type walls and the entrance also has a huge partition, so it’s like a mystery! You can’t see the restaurant until you walk in! This is something I liked! The overall atmosphere and feeling I got was elegant, but traditional in terms of architecture and decoration.  The staff were very attentive, and they were very welcoming and helpful with big smiles on their faces.

Na3Na3 The Address Dubai Mall Review

Na3Na3 The Address Dubai Mall AMBIENCE


Na3Na3 The Address Dubai Mall


The buffet area was laid out convenient for the guests, in that the starters, salads, and cheese were in the first ½ and the deserts in the second, and the main dishes in a live kitchen parallel to the buffet area. The soup was on a pod between the two buffet halves.
Moving onto the actual food, we had a selection of salad form olives to my favorite; tabbouleh, pickled veg, some great pasta salads, and a wide selection of salad dressings and cheese! They salad was refreshing and fresh! The started were traditional things like chicken liver and different types of tikkas! The main selection was also traditional, but slightly limited to curries, rice and a selection of meat dishes. Finally, My favorite part of any meal; Dessert! The dessert selection was excellent! From traditional dishes like Knafeh, Basbousa and halva to green tea and chocolate cheese cakes, panacotta, mousse, a wide selection of fruits and many more delicious sweets! Overall, I loved the layout, where  guests could see the kitchen, the organization of the two buffet halves was great. One thing which disappointed me was the small selection of mains, and some foods were not named.
Na3Na3 The Address Dubai Mall

Just look at that!


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So as it was a Lebanese night, the restaurant put on two acts (In our prescene, we left an hour before the end). We managed to catch the belly dancer and the live Lebanese singer. The belly dancer was very good in that she interacted with the audience with facial expressions and wasn’t just “Doing her job”, she also did a dances with traiditional swords on her head and arms (VERY IMPRESSIVE!). I enjoyed the live singer the best, she has a beautifull voice and I was able to understand a few things with my broken knowledge of Arabic! Overall, there wasn’t anything negative about the entertainment, it wasn’t over the top that we would be distracted from the wonderful meal, but it was also interactive in that it was live entertainment, not just something on the side for us to glance at. A big thumbs up to both performers, the children around really loved them both too! That’s a thumbs up, family friendly!

Na3Na3 The Address Dubai Mall Review

live Lebanese Music


Overall its a great place to his place has great food, and very reasonable prices. Na3Na3 is an place for trying out and enjoying Lebanese food with traditional feel and amazing entertainment.  I really loved their food and i must say i really loved the desserts they had and I would definitely recommend you to go and try out Na3Na3 you will thank me  later!
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