Apr 11, 2016
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Pop up cinema concept launched at Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016

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Films in a Box to support upcoming filmmakers in the UAE

Films in a Box, a unique pop up cinema concept that will showcase non-dialogue films from eight different genres, was launched at The Middle East Film and Comic Con Festival. Films in a Box will be located across the UAE and potentially GCC, and cater towards the further enhancement of the region’s mature film and art scene.
Films in a Box is a home grown product inspired by UAE’s vibrant and cultural ethos, which aims to benefit talented as well as a new generation of filmmakers in the region. The indie film concept celebrates a specialised, all-encompassing cinema experience. Films in a Box audience will be a mix bag of different age groups, nationalities, including the hearing impaired, as the non-dialogue element of the concept allows a truly multi-cultural experience at the cinemas
Non-Dialogue movies from eight different genres and of 10 to 15 minutes duration each will be featured at every screening. All films are selected by a professional panel to ensure quality short-films to choose from. Five licensed, exclusive short films were featured through Films in a Box at the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2016. The showcased movies were: Garden of Bones – Horror, Sebastian’s Voodoo – Animation, Crayon Dragon – Family, Chalk Dust – Drama, and Speed Dating – Comedy.
“By entering a new dimension of cinema experience for avid movie-goers, Films in a Box aims to break down language and cultural barriers through its non-dialogue format. Movies have been and remain a powerful medium. Veterans as well as new-generation filmmakers from around the world, and the region make exceptional silent movies. Also, there is a healthy appetite in the region for non-commercial cinema. This combination resulted in the pop up cinema concept,” said, Terry Miranda, Founder, Lighthouse Productions.

Films in a Box booth

Films in a Box booth

The official launch is scheduled for the third quarter of the year, and guarantees to showcase remarkable talent and film to its audiences.
Feature films that started as short films:
Non dialogue short film “PIXELS” by Patrick Jean was bought and adapted into a full length feature starring Adam Sandler,
Non Dialogue short film“Lights Out” by David Sandberg is currently being produced by James Wan (of Saw Success) with David Sandberg in the Director’s chair
Non Dialogue short film – “9” by Shane Acker – was produced by Tim Burton into a full length animation film.

Short Film –
Alive in Joburg by Neill Blomkamp, was bought and produced by Peter Jackson and developed into the full length feature titled District 9
Short Film Saw by James Wan was funded and adapted into a full length feature that franchised into seven sequels
Short Film Mama by Andres Muschietti, was adapted into a feature film with Jessica Chastain, and produced by Guillermo Del Toro,
Short film The Hard Case by Guy Ritchie, was adapted & produced into “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, by Sting after he watched the short film.
About Films in a Box
Films in a Box is a Lighthouse Productions original concept. Lighthouse Productions is a multi-award winning production design company established in the UAE in 2004. Lighthouse is committed to offering the highest standards of production design and equipment supply to its clients through the simple understanding of being Consistent – Diverse – Creative – in all its turnkey productions.

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