Oct 2, 2017
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Ajman Saray Bab Al Bahr Summer Brunch Review!

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It was that time of the week and we were invited to yet another brunch! This time it was in the heart of Ajman. A hotel that is close to our hearts; The Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort, if you saw our wedding post , you would know that’s where we had our Nikkah (Islamic religious ceremony). The hotel has a classic, old, arabic vibe. It was like a mini Bab al shams, where we had our main event.


The hotel is easy to find, it sits along the Sharjah and Ajman corniche strip, which allows it to have its own private beach! The views from every angle of this hotel; ground, top, left, right and centre, are absolutely breath taking. The hotel is very easy to find, no matter where you are coming from. If you are in Dubai and are not driving, the bus is an hour and you can grab a taxi that will take 5/10mins (Barely!). I happened to be in Fujerah visiting my mother, so we got a shared taxi for 35DHS each and then it was barely 20 from the drop off point in Sharjah. It was all straight forward and all the taxis drivers will know of the Ajman Saray. Top notch for location from us!

Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort

Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort

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The main event is obviously the food at any brunch! The summer brunch at Ajman Saray has a host of different foods from different corners of the world. From their unique and innovative appetisers to their sushi, asian and Mexican food! There certainly wasn’t a shortage of choice. Accompanied by on the tap fresh juices and soft drinks, it was a pretty FRESH experience itself. The only downside was a few of the cake desserts were not as good as advertised, however the Hagen Daz ice cream trolley on the end was the icing on the cake, it was a great addition to the multi-cultural buffet feast! I always say that pictures speak a million words, and I think my pictures will give the food more justice than my words can. All the food was fresh, full of flavour and the choice from the different corners was phenomenal!

We took a walk between courses and had our dessert outside by the beach, it was simply divine. A few things we particularly enjoyed were the roasted veg (Packed full of spices and flavour), the chicken, the soft dumplings, the Mexican nachos and with guacamole, and almost 80% of the appetisers. Each appetiser having its own flavour and innovative presentation.


The ambience of the Ajman Saray summer brunch was breath taking. The old arabic vibe in the design of the resort gave me chills as we walked around the hotel. The hammocks, sun beds, pool and the comfy sofa chairs on the deck were a wonderful addition to the whole ambience. Even the toilets had a secret cave like entrance! By the cave was a small kids play area, with their own little pool with toys and balls and a small play area with child minders, so the adults can enjoy their brunch too! The whole resort had  warm and luxurious decor and style, it was like a slice of the tourist city in the middle of what is known as a very residential emirate.

The staff were very accommodating, warm and hospitable. The restaurant was buzzing with guests, yet the hotel staff were always on hand to help, leaving nobody waiting around! I’m always extra observant to not just how staff treat us as bloggers, but how they treat other guests and I must say, the staff were attentive to everyone equally! Whether outside, inside or just coming in… Their warm and friendly smiles greeted all the guests!

We even got to check out the kitchen, where all the action happens!

Ajman Saray Bab Al Bahr Summer Brunch

Ajman Saray Bab Al Bahr Summer Brunch

As a follow up from this, we will be working with Ajman Saray to review their Safi brunch next month, so keep an eye out for updates on that! The summer brunch @the Bab al Bahr definitely gets our thumbs up and the hotel itself? Absolutely stunning.

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