Oct 24, 2016
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The best fast food- Dxb Blog picks!

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Whether its food on the go or something for your half an hour lunch or something you are grabbing after school with your pals, fast food is something that everyone enjoys at some point! So today I thought I would highlight my favourite fast food “Joints”. From the tasty hot dog NYF to the quick niblets of KFC and the terrific toppings pizza places have to offer.. There’s a few surprises to be found!

1. NYF (New York Fries)

NYF Fries

NYF Fries

From their original fries, to the scrumptious hot dogs with tomato, onions and mustard.. This one has to be my favourite! NYF has locations in most food courts across Dubai and rightly so! They may not be the busiest stand you’ll see, but once you’ve tried it, you will definitely go back for more! They are known for there different toping on their classic home-made recipes fries, everything from cheese to chicken! Served with a beef or chicken hot dog, it is nice on the go, or around a table in the food court with friends!

2. Subway!

Now I am not only saying this because it has its halal perks in the UAE, and we have very few halal ones in the UK… Subway has a great choice range and consistency of service across branches is always maintained. They have great meal deal and although it can get a little messy with the more toppings you add, it certainly defines “Fast food” to the core! They also offer delivery!

Just as an aded extra, the first time I ordered a subway delivery, I ordered a wrap and “Chips” , which at that time I assumed would be potato chips? Unaware of the heavy american influence in Dubai, when they arrived I called to complain and ask why I was given CRISPS and not chips? Turns out chips are crisps … I was very disappointed..

3.Burger world!

burger world

burger world

When I lived in Sillicon Oasis, this fast food branch was my go-to for fast food! It is convenient, reliable and even when the new management came in.. the standard of taste and service was retained! Theres only a few of these; Marina Walk, Times Square, Dragon Mart and Silicon Oasis. I would personally recommend the chicken wraps! Their fries also have a unique taste that I failed to find elsewhere! Some have compared it to KFC and Burger King, but I personally think it is quite unique from both of them!

4. KFC

In my first year in Dubai I have to say I over ate at KFC, and in my second year I went through a few “KFC free” months… but I must say the smooth mash, flavoursome gravy and roller or twister wraps were worth the year I binged on it! KFC have branches all over and offer delivery! There’s ALWAYS a queue at KFC!

5.Zaatar W Zeit

Fancy some quick Lebanese food? Zaatar W Zeit is the place to be! Their food is fresh, light and perfect pick up for those short lunches or a quick pick up on the way home! They serve a range of food from wraps to pizza, breakfast, Mana’eesh (A traditional freshly baked dough seasoned with your favourite herbs, spices and toppings!). The best branch in my opinion is the Mall of the Emirates!

Zaatar w Zeit


I wanted to keep this article short and sweet, rather than listing all the fast food outlets, just picking a few favourites! Have you got one not on the list? Want to share?  #DxbBlogFood #MyDxbBlogFastFood  #FastFoodDxb

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