Dec 26, 2019
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TP-Link Archer AX6000 Review

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With network and bandwidth requirements increasing every year, a high-performance WiFi router is becoming more of a need than a want. Today, homes and smaller offices house a number of different electronic gadgets that require a stable WiFi connection and even though these gadgets cannot tear through your bandwidth on their own, their cumulative impact does cause a lot of network traffic and congestion. TP-Link’s latest router is designed to tackle these issues to facilitate seamless user experiences.

Build and Design

Measuring around 10 x 12 x 4 inches, the AX6000 is a bulky device, and a majority of it consists of the antennas. It does look more attractive than most other routers in the market with its distinctive UFO-like design. The edge houses 8 smart stream antennas facing upwards, making it look like a fortress of sorts. It is important to note that these 8 antennas are not just in place to improve bandwidth, but also improve data transfer tasks significantly. That is because these 8 streams enable the TP-link Archer AX6000 to communicate with big sets of different devices simultaneously, rendering challenges like high bandwidth traffic and UHD streaming invalid.


Built around an 8 GHz 64bit quadcore processor that is connected to 3 other coprocessors, the AX6000 has been specifically designed to take the load of high bandwidth multitasking without posing challenges to the user. With 1GB RAM to enable speedier transmissions, the latest router from TP-Link can genuinely be compared to professional industrial-grade equipment owing to its efficiency. The AX6000 unleashes its true potential in situations where several devices and applications are in simultaneous use. With support for current generation DOCSIS 3.1 technologies, the router can help users unlock the fastest speeds available on the network.

Featuring a 2.5 Gbps WAN port on the rear, the AX6000 lets users make use of an additional 2GB connection seamlessly. TP-Link’s stylish new router also supports 4K and 8K streaming, making downloading huge files super fast and easy. 

All Round Performance For Gaming And Home Use

Featuring MU-MIMO, the AX6000 is not just a router that’s great for home and small-office use but also acts as a great gaming router. This feature makes this router more of an all-rounder router in its segment. Its specifications show that TP-Link designed the router to cater to a large number of different active gadgets simultaneously. The AX6000 is a smart router that can predict and handle high network traffic, enabling it to deliver flawless gaming experiences. While this isn’t a gaming-specific router, there’s a whole bunch of features it comes with that gamers will absolutely love! The Archer AX6000 can provide a consistently high-speed data connection, something that has become a necessity for work and online gaming both.

Convenient Installation And Usage

The AX6000 is extremely easy to install – it is purely a plug and play device. Users really don’t need to fuss over the installation and setting up of this device at all. Moreover, owing to TP-link’s graphical control interface, the network maintenance of this device is also fairly simple. This interface allows users to seamlessly configure the router, without requiring them to possess any in-depth technical knowledge about the same. The TP-link Networking App makes things even more manageable as it allows users to monitor the network via their mobile phone.

In conclusion, there is no denying that TP-Link has come up with an incredible new router with the Archer AX6000. It can power home users, gamers, and even small office spaces with its smart and fast connectivity and performance. Equipped with all things TP-Link, the router comes with the maker’s mark of reliability and quality networking.

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