Nov 11, 2016
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Breakfast places to Try In Dubai- My picks!

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Breakfast is the most important part of the day and whether you’re a pick up on the way to work, full blown breakfast, traditional, or bakery kind of person.. I’m sure one of these will appeal to you. If not, whats the harm in trying something new? There are in no ranking order, just my picks!


Whether you fancy their WIDE range of  famous pancakes, an omelette, a full breakfast. just french toast, waffles or crepes.. iHop has it all! The American fast food joint is here to serve your every morning need, even throughout the day! Their pancakes range from blueberry to chocolate or why not be simple with the buttermilk ones? You can create your own omelette, meat free or meat feast? Enjoy everything a full breakfast can offer (Yes Everything!) or sweeten your tooth with a crepe..? This place is great for fussy people who need a million options, or is it too much for them? If you haven’t been AT LEAST once… Please go now. The JBR branch is 24hrs! They also have branches in malls and downtown!

Barasti Beach Bar!

Barasti Beach

Barasti Beach

You have probably seen this place mentioned on the blog a lot, thats because it is simply amazing! Breakfast @ Barasti is more refined, and although they still carry the wide variety from a traditional eggs Benedict to a full English and pancakes! What is more refreshing than breakfast by the beach? Best in the cooler months, but this is another one you just have to jump out of bed for! A wonderful, not so expensive way to indulge in the most important meal of the day!


I have only personally been to the one in satwa, but whether you are familiar with Pakistani food or not, you have to try this place too! It is considerable cheaper than the above but quality is not missed out on! The traditional Breakfast paratha, halwa Puri with chick peas and morning curry… Eggs and a traditional Lassi (Yoghurt based drink). If you want to tickle your taste buds into new cuisines, Ravi will take you way into South Asia! I still remember my first experience was after a night of camping, it was the closest things and my friends were adamant I should try it! Now I am adamant you should!

Tim Hortonz!


I have waited a long time to post about my dying love for this Canadian delicacy! From the coffee, to the morning bagels and the English muffins! This one is for the pick up breakfast on the way to work people for sure! My favourite branch was always the trade centre one! The plain bagels with a dash of Philadelphia cream cheese.. mmm! It’s quick, easy, cheap an YUMMY! My regular is a bagel with an iced cappuccino!


Tashas Dubai

Tashas Dubai


This wee cute place has some exiting menu choices, whether you want to “Pimp up your toast” or “Rockerfella” your croissant or Muffin, this place is a quirky, fun place to enjoy breakfast with a giggle! Why not try a “Billionaires” Egg or just simply start with “Food For thought”. This casual cafe on Al Wasl Road is something for the early risers, and it’s kid friendly!

I will leave it at that for now, but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I will come back with more of my favourtie spots at a later date! Have you got any spots you particularly enjoy for breakfast? Like any of my picks? Share your snaps and posts with #MyDxbBlogBreakfast #MyDxbBlog or #DxbBlogBreakfast




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