Oct 20, 2018
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A complete guide to Vehicle Registration Renewal In UAE

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Vehicle registration renewal process in UAE is easy and straightforward as most of the services are available through smart channels. This post will help you to understand the whole process in detail.

Vehicle Testing

If your car is older than three years then it is mandatory to to get it inspected from any of the authorized vehicle testing centers across the country.

RTA authorized testing centers are located at various parts of the city which also includes two 24 hrs Testing and registration centers (Tasjeel Al Qusais and Quick Registration. In Abu Dhabi, most of the Adnoc vehicle inspection centers provide 24 hrs service. In Sharjah Tasjeel Vehicle testing and registration center operates from 7am to 9pm and In Ajman shamil vehicle testing center working hours are from 7am to 8pm. Similarly, vehicle testing centers in other emirates also have long working hours to help customers to avail the testing faccility at their convenient time.

Fine Payments

In most of the cases fine payments can be made online but if you have black points or Blocked fines then you need to physically visit the vehicle registration center to for the payments. If your blocked points are from another emirate than you need to visit vehicle registration center located in that emirate to payoff the fines. All Dubai fines can be paid online at Dubai RTA website and Fine payments of all other emirates can be done through EVG (Emirates Vehicle Gate) website.

Insurance Arrangements

Your vehicle insurance should be valid for at least twelve months in order to renew vehicle registration in UAE. You can also obtain insurance online through number of insurance portals such as “SouqalMal”.

Registration Renewal

Once everything is done the next and final step is to do the vehicle registration renewal. You can do this online at Dubai RTA Website (For Dubai plates only) or at EVG (For all other emirates).  If you do the vehicle registration renewal online then your new vehicle registration card will be delivered to your desired address within two to three working days.

You can also renew your vehicle registration through RTA smart kiosks located at multiple locations in Dubai and ministry of interior kiosks located in all other emirates.

Before you proceed For Vehicle Registration Renewal Make Sure:

  • You have valid UAE resident Visa
  • You have valid UAE national ID
  • Your vehicle has passed the Registration Renewal test
  • All your fines on your traffic file number and driving license are paid off
  • You already have the insurance on the car that is valid for next twelve months.

Third Party Vehicle Registration Renewal Services

If you don’t want to complete all these above mentioned vehicle registration renewal steps by yourself then you can also avail the services of any trusted third party companies like Car Registration Renewal. Once you book an appointment with them, they will pick up your car, do all all the necessary steps including insurance arrangements and will return back the car with new registration card.

What if I don’t renew my vehicle registration on time?

Once your vehicle registration is expired, you have a one month of grace period and you have to renew your vehicle registration in that time period. Driving a vehicle without valid insurance and expired number plate is an offense and there are multiple radars that catch expired number plates that may result in 500 AED fines with multiple black points and your vehicle can also be impounded for at least seven days. So, don’t take any risk and renew your car registration on time.

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