Dec 14, 2016
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IMG Worlds of Adventure is Full Of Fun! IMG Worlds Review

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Finally after waiting for a month I am finally able to publish the IMG Worlds Review, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s biggest indoors theme park, Owned by Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group and located near Global Village Dubai.

I visited the parks last month with my nephew who is also our junior blogger. We had a VIP ticket which costs AED 4995/- The normal ticket costs AED300 for adults and AED 250 for children.

The main reason for buying a VIP ticket was that on average  5000 to 25000 people visit IMG worlds on  a daily basis,  in order to avoid standing in ques and get fast track access we got a VIP ticket which was worth every penny. We didn’t have to wait for anything at all! We were able to choose our seats on every ride and once  settled, other visitors are allowed to hop on.  So by getting a VIP ticket we got priority in almost everything plus we also got a guide, which is very helpful itself .

Scroll down to checkout my tips which will make your experience unforgettable!

What I loved about IMG worlds is that it has got plenty of rides not only for kids but also for adults, it’s a great place for you to take your kids out and make their day special or if you are an adult you can still go with your friends to enjoy the challenging world of adventure IMG Worlds has to offer. It’s a great place to spend time with someone, far away from ones usual busy and hectic routine of the city.
When we arrived at the IMG Worlds, we were greeted at the VIP lounge by IMG worlds customer service manager and their team. We enjoyed refreshments which were presented to us at the VIP lounge and after that we were introduced to ERIC, who was our guide  for the day, their team members and especially Eric was very friendly and we loved our visit as a whole.

IMG Worlds VIP Ticket
IMG Worlds VIP Ticket

First of all, we went on the Marvel Rides, there were; Avengers Battle of Ultron, Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge (My head was spinning for hours after this ride) , Hulk Epsilon Base 3D which were mostly 3D and virtual reality based.
From all Marvel’s Rides, Thor Thunder spin ride was the best one (which I wasn’t looking forward to at all), however, my nephew wanted to go on it so I joined him, we went on this one at the ned of the day. It wasn’t a bad experience at all and only runs for 2,3 minutes those 2,3 minutes are enough to give you chills all over your body.

IMG Worlds Thor Thunder spin ride
Thor Thunder spin ride

After marvels we went for Lost Valley Rides, I really loved the Lost valley rides and my most favourite ride in the whole IMG Worlds of adventire theme park was ” The Velociraptor” Which was in the Lost Valley section. This is  where we experienced The Velociraptor , forbidden territory, and the 2nd best ride in Lost Valley was Predator roller coaster which was the second biggest roller coaster in the IMG Worlds theme park. The Velociraptor is the main roller coaster at IMG worlds which can be seen from outside as well, and IMG Worlds is the place where I for the first time tried rollercoaster in my life, The Velociraptor roller coaster is huge and experiencing it is a great adventure itself for both adults and kids.

IMG worlds review
IMG worlds Lost Valley

In Cartoon Network rides, we experienced Ben 10 5D Hero Time, The Ride of OOO with Finn & Jake, The Amazing Ride of Gumball (It was fairly popular too!). We also enjoyed the Lazy Town Pirates Adventure,, where you get a chance to test your bravery and your body balance. This place has got something for everyone, and this adventure will test your limits..  Personally I took on the climbing challenge and was only able to reach the third level, after that my legs started shaking and I started losing my balance, however my nephew wanted to go ahead and move up but due to safety restrictions he wasn’t allowed by the staff to climb up to the top?

IMG worlds review
IMG Worlds Lazy Town

IMG worlds is massive and It took us almost 6 hours to completely experience every ride in the park. They have got plenty of restaurants all over the park where you can relax and enjoy your meal, unlike other attractions the food here isn’t that expensive and food quality is also great. We had lunch at Mr . Smoothy’s, which is part of the Cartoon Network section in the theme park.

The Haunted Hotel

This attraction is only for visitors above 15 years of age, where you are taken to a haunted hotel and you come face to face with human eating zombies and ghosts, It’s a bit of scary experience, however be advised you are not allowed to touch the ghosts/zombies and also people with heart problems are not allowed.
Rides You Must Try!

  • The Velociraptor Roller Coaster
  • Thor Thunder spin ride
  • Predator
  • Climbing Challenge
  • Haunted Hotel ( Not really A ride but you must try it out)

A few TIPs TO Make your experience better!

Get a VIP ticket as I mention at the start, IMG Worlds is one of the most famous attractions in Dubai and that means thousands of people waiting in ques to get on rides.
If you cannot afford the VIP ticket, try to reach the park early in the morning to avoid rush!
Avoid Weekends as the weekends and special holidays are the busiest!
It’s a great place to hang out and enjoy a day out with your friends or family so if you want to really make someone’s day take them to IMG worlds and I can guarantee you they will love it!
For more details about bookings you can visit their website here 

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